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Discover Snowshoe WV Ski Resort

Snowshoe Mountain is the go-to destination for travelers looking to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The resort is located in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. It ranks as the largest ski resort in the Mid-Atlantic and the best destination for skiing activities attracting over 480,000 skiers annually. The resort covers 11,000 acres of the Allegheny Mountains with a skiable terrain of 244 acres. Snowshoe WV Ski Resort sits on two of the highest peaks in West Virginia, 4848 ft. above sea level. Due to its elevation, the resort has a unique microclimate and is much cooler than the surrounding areas. Its strategic location and exceptional weather set it apart from many other resorts in the region. Snowshoe Mountain is best known for being “upside down” because its facilities sit at the top of the mountain.

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Have unlimited fun skiing on the slopes

Snowshoe Mountain is a true representation of pure adventure. When it comes to skiing, the resort has something for everyone, from beginners to the boldest skiers. Snowshoe WV Ski Resort area is segmented into three distinct areas; Silver Creek, Snowshoe Basin, and the Western Territory.

At the Snowshoe Basin, beginners can have ultimate fun on easy runs such as Whiffletree and the Log Slide. The Snowshoe Basin also features intermediate trails for skiers looking to upgrade from easy runs such as Moonshine, Gandy Dancer, and Stemwinder. Expert skiers can enjoy more challenging runs like Grabhammer and Knot Bumper Glades.

On the other hand, the Silver Creek region has easy runs like the Knifeblade and Cubb Run and intermediate trails like the Buck Saw. Besides that, Silver Creek features Flying Eagles and Bear Claw trails which are suitable for experts only. Moreover, the Silver Creek area has 12 runs open for night skiing; therefore, those who wish to keep going as the daylight fades stand a better chance.

Lastly, the western Territory is designated for anyone who loves speed. The area is steeply inclined with a 1500-foot vertical drop covering 1.5 miles in length.

Skiing at Snowshoe WV Ski Resort is typically open from early December to late March – weather permitting. The resort has heavily invested in world-class snowmaking equipment to guarantee their clients’ constant supply of snow throughout the season.

snowshoe wv ski resort

Explore the Bike Park

The mountain adventure isn’t complete if you do not explore the Snowshoe Bike Park. The resort is home to the region’s most extensive bike trail system, with over 40 trails and 1,500 vertical feet of descent. The resort is a certified IMBA ride center hosting several notable bike events on an annual basis. At the Mountain Adventure Center, you can rent bikes for you and your family to enjoy the biking trails and explore the mountain in depth. Each rental bike comes with a full-face helmet and pads. The resort has friendly bike lodging stations strategically placed on all corners of the mountain. These stations offer bike storage, lockers, bike washing points, and easy bike trail access.

If you desire to take riding to the next level, you can enroll in mountain bike lessons offered at the resort. Classes are available for beginners and experienced bikers looking to expand their skill sets. The Snowshoe WV Ski Resort has a wide array of packages tailored to meet the needs of its varied clients, including adults and kids.

The park has well-laid signage to warn riders of what to expect on each trail. Therefore it is up to you to know your limits. The biking trails range from easy to intermediate, advanced, and expert only; all have different terrains to deliver the ultimate riding experience.

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Shop till you drop

Snowshoe Mountain Resort has several retail shops well stocked with almost anything you can imagine. At these retail shops, you can get souvenirs or unique accessories to buy as gifts for your loved ones. Kids visiting the resort can enjoy the candy, toys, and clothing from various outlets. Besides that, the retail shops sell some of the latest designs of ski outfits. Therefore, people who may lack proper ski outfits or whose outfits may be a bit dated will be lucky to get some good stuff here. Biking outfits and equipment are also available. Some shopping outlets have handcrafted products and books that symbolize the culture and tradition of WV life.

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Snowshoe Village

Have a fine dining experience

After a day of hiking through the slopes of the Allegheny Mountains, there is no better way to reward yourself than with some exquisite dining experience. Luckily, the village has a handful of restaurants that offer an assortment of cuisines to enjoy. The Cheat Mountain Pizza serves some tasty pizzas, sandwiches, and wings. To enjoy some delicious southwest dishes, you want to head out to Sunset Cantina. They also serve some excellent housemade margaritas. If you are a sugar junkie, the Village Scoop will undoubtedly do you some good in averting some of those sugar cravings you may be having. The eatery serves many delicacies, including cupcakes, milkshakes, sundaes, caramel apples, cookies, and hand-dipped ice creams. The beverage lovers can enjoy some well-crafted drinks from Starbucks. Lastly, the Boathouse makes an ideal joint to hop in for lunch while doing your laps around the mountain. The eatery overlooks Shavers Lake, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to enjoy some scenic views as you eat.

The Junction

Get glammed at the spa

Snowshoe WV Ski Resort has a luxurious spa with a calming atmosphere to help soothe and relax all the sore body parts after some intense adventure. The spa has various treatment packages to suit every client’s needs. The spa offers different types of massage, including therapeutic, prenatal, hot stone, aromatherapy, and relaxation. Among the services you can get at the spa are salon services which include hair cuts, styling, hair color, manicure, and pedicure. Other services include waxing, body treatments, and facials.

Snowshoe Spa

Enjoy an exhilarating off-road tour

The off-road tours are categorized into two; summer off-road tours and winter off-road tours. The off-road rides take up to four passengers. The resort requires all drivers willing to partake in this activity to have a driving license. The most exciting aspect of off-road rides is experiencing the rugged terrain as you descend the mountain. Also, you can enjoy some scenic views and sample some of Snowshoe’s best backcountry areas. All rides commence at the Long Serpentine Cheat Mountain ridge and take approximately 90 minutes to head down to the Fire Tower Trail. Pricing of the rides varies depending on the day of the week. Rides taken on weekends and public holidays are a bit pricier.

Visit Shavers Lake at Snowshoe WV Ski Resort

Did you know Snowshoe WV ski resort has a lake tucked within its vicinity? Now you do. Spending quality time at Shavers Lake should always be a welcome idea for anyone visiting the resort. The lake features a serene environment with picnic tables and hammocks strategically placed to allow you to relax and unwind while enjoying the incredible views the lake has to offer. There is also a mega playground for children to have fun. The lake has a Boathouse Restaurant which serves some amazing dishes. Shavers lake features stand-up paddleboards, canoes, and kayaks for people who wish to engage in water activities. There is an area designated for swimming for those who want to dip in the freezing waters. Lastly, just by the shore of the lake is the Fairy Diddle Golf Course. Golfers can enjoy the beauty of nature and spot some fairy diddles as they play in the trees.

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