Snowshoe Mountain

Wild & Wonderful Snowshoe West Virginia

Snowshoe West Virginia sits nestled in the scenic Alleghany Mountains in Pocahontas County. The unincorporated community is the location of the second highest elevation in the mountainous state. The bulk of the activity in the region takes place in and around The Snowshoe Mountain Resort which officially opened on December 13, 1974, and spans 11,000 acres. The popular Village at Snowshoe is a quaint village with the look of a European mountain village, located at the summit of Cheat Mountain. The many trails and overlooks of this resort area offer stunning views of the region below. Visitors to Snowshoe West Virginia can expect to find plenty to keep them busy at the resort and at the other businesses found throughout the area regardless of the time of year they arrive.

Snowmaking in Snowshoe West Virginia
Snowmaking in the Snowshoe Basin area

Ranges in Weather at Snowshoe West Virginia

Snowshoe West Virginia’s weather, despite its elevation, stays relatively mild. The favorable temperatures enable guests to enjoy their vacations no matter what time of year they choose to visit. The winter weather typically lasts for about 130 days and averages a mean temperature of 21 degrees in January. In this part of the West Virginia mountains, about 161 inches of snow falls each year, so there is always fresh powder for those that want to ski, go tubing, or take part in other winter events. The resort also makes its own snow to ensure favorable skiing regardless of what nature offers.

Summer in Snowshoe
Summer Fun at Snowshoe

The mild weather continues through the Summer with July temperatures averaging around 64 degrees. Visitors can expect notable differences in temperatures and weather conditions between the mountain tops and the valleys below. The unpredictability of mountain weather means that all guests should pack a variety of clothing when they visit to ensure their comfort.

Activities During Winter

The busy ski resort community thrives during the winter months with snowboarding, snowmobiling, and skiing as the primary activities. Nearly a half-million skiers travel to Snowshoe West Virginia each year, with most visitors coming from the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states as well as from other areas of West Virginia. The region hosts a popular annual cross-country skiing event that also draws in many visitors from across the country.

skiing at snowshoe
Winter Skiing at Snowshoe

Food and wine festivals, community events, concerts, and much more ensure that everyone visiting the area will find plenty to keep them busy. Snowshoe also enjoys an active nightlife scene all year. The Village at Snowshoe has a luxury spa, dining opportunities, numerous shops, and heated pools available for use by guests of the resort or for a set admission price to the public.

Activities During Summer

A resort named Snowshoe (with a large ski area) may lead people to believe that it is a one-season vacation spot, but that is not the case. Residents of Snowshoe West Virginia pride themselves on the four-season recreational opportunities available. Summer visitors can take part in high-energy ATV off-road adventures. The popular e-bike tours follow the most scenic mountain trails and make it possible for guests to prove their endurance level through traditional mountain biking. Those that prefer to enjoy the scenery without a workout can sit back and enjoy the view as the e-bikes do the work for them.

July 4th Celebration at Snowshoe
July 4th Celebration at Snowshoe

Visitors can also choose to take part in ziplining, attend concerts and festivals, or try a round of golf at the popular Raven Golf Club. Summer clubs designed for children offer paddleboard clinics, mountain biking, and many organized activities. The area has clubs available for all age groups of children including ages 4-6, 7-11, and 12-15. The organizers also arrange pool time for the club participants at the popular Split Rock Pools.

Choices for Dining in Snowshoe West Virginia

There are many desirable Snowshoe restaurants. Small pubs and fast food places provide quick meals such as dine-in or to-go dinners for busy guests. Popular choices in the area include the Foxfire Grille which serves burgers, wings, and BBQ, or the Old Spruce Cafe and Tavern which has a menu that offers traditional pub fare as well as a selection of vegan dishes.

The Junction
Outdoor seating at The Junction

Fine dining is also found throughout the region with places Appalachia Kitchen and many other highly rated destinations across the county. The Waffle Cabin at The Villages serves up a hearty breakfast all day and into the evening. A popular sports bar, Hoot’s Bar and Grill, has many popular dishes and live music every night. Visitors that desire vibrant nightlife will find numerous pubs and microbreweries to visit.

Experience the Cass Railroad State Park

The Cass Railroad at Cass Scenic Railroad State Park offers something a little different than what people may expect when they visit a ski resort area. The park has a restaurant called The Last Run Restaurant and Soda Fountain as well as a museum and a gift shop. The Company Store gift shop sells many items handcrafted by local artists. In addition, an artisan’s co-op operates at the location every Saturday.

A popular activity in the park is the tours through the Town of Cass. The town opened in 1901 as a company town for the employees of West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company. The mill closed in 1960 and the state purchased most of the town in the 1970s. The general store, museum, and restaurant are all preserved buildings from the town, as are the 20 homes renovated and used as guest lodgings.

Train getting ready to depart

The train tours run through the refurbished town to give visitors a glimpse into the lives of the people who populated the area in the early 20th century. The ride continues through the mountains and to a stunningly beautiful overlook known as Bald Knob. The location at Bald Knob is the third highest in the state. The train trips operate several days a week throughout the year with different lengths of trips available.

Reasonable weather, amazing views, and an endless number of things to do make Snowshoe a desirable destination. Over 244 acres of skiable area guarantees available space for everyone to enjoy. The safe and friendly community is an excellent choice for vacationers that desire a luxury resort experience in the West Virginia mountains.