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About Us

Mountaintop Condos, a Snowshoe Property Management firm,  was formed in 2006 by Chris & Alison Dunavent. They started with one Mountain Lodge condo and have grown their inventory to 80+ units. Chris runs the technical aspect of the business while Alison runs the day-to-day operations supporting guests & homeowners. Mountaintop Condos truly is a “mom and pop” business, run by actual Snowshoe homeowners and avid skiers. Want to get to know us better? If you ever see us flying down Spruce or riding Ballhooter, feel free to say hello! Schedule a call today to learn how we may be able to help you maximize your Snowshoe rental income.

Snowshoe Property Management Services

Mountaintop Condos treats your Snowshoe investment as if it were our own. We understand the importance of properly managing rentals to maximize income. Once you turn over Snowshoe Property Management to us, you can sit back and let us do all the work.

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Rental Management

We personally oversee every single reservation for your Snowshoe property, take care of each guest, and take care of any issues if they arise. Leave it to us!

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Homeowner Portal

Homeowners are given access to an online Homeowner Portal where they can login to block dates, see reservations, and download monthly rental income statements.

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Aggressive Marketing

Nobody markets to more online OTA marketing channels than Mountaintop Condos. Trivago, Hotels.com, Booking.com, AirBnB, VRBO, just to name a few


Dynamic Pricing

Our Pricing is data-based. We use actual Snowshoe supply and demand data to constantly adjust pricing. Our prices adjust up and down on a daily basis.

What About Homeowner Blocks?

Unlike other Snowshoe Property Management Services, we do not limit how many days an owner can block their calendar for personal use. Our position is that your Snowshoe condo is YOURS and you should be able to use it when and for how long you desire.

What About State, County and Local Taxes?

*We collect and remit 6% West Virginia tax on each and every reservation.
*We collect the 6% Pocahontas County hotel tax and remit it for each reservation.
*We collect and remit the 2% Snowshoe Resort District fee for each reservation

Why Choose Us?

Licensed & Insured

Is your property manager licensed to manage property in the state of WV? If not, they should be per the WVREC. We are properly licensed and insured.


Chris Dunavent is a former SSGT in the United States Air Force; Additionally, he has a BS in Computer Science and an MBA in IT Management.

Digital Photography

Chris uses quality photo gear to shoot photos and 360-degree walkthroughs of your property. He WON'T market your property using a cellphone camera.

We are Homeowners

We've owned (and managed) several Snowshoe, WV properties; our first purchase was Mountain Lodge 276 in 2006.

Snowshoe Owner Testimonials

"Chris has managed my property for two years and has done an excellent job. Chris brings in much more revenue than any other property management service we have used. Easy to work with and very pleased with the service."
Allegheny Springs Snowshoe
Cara G.
“Chris does an outstanding job managing our condo! He keeps the unit rented well with responsible guests. Chris works great with the Mountain Lodge staff and is highly-rated by the guests.”
Allegheny Springs Snowshoe
Jeff R.
“Chris has managed the rentals on my Snowshoe home for over 3 years now. He has always handled everything in a professional way, and has a great website that is easy to use. I highly recommend.”
Dakota Barnes_Review
Jeff A.

Ready to Make a Switch?

Getting started with turnkey Snowshoe Property Management couldn’t be easier. Simply click the button below to setup a ZOOM call. Or, feel free to email info@mountaintopcondos.com