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Watoga State Park Near Snowshoe WV

Watoga State Park

By on November 8, 2013

Watoga State ParkWatoga State Park, located near to Snowshoe WV, is 10,000 acres worth of outdoorsy fun. Here there is seemingly no shortage of things a vacationer can do: Hiking, swimming, horseback riding, fishing, and boating. Plus, for those who want to stay the night–or several nights–to enjoy all of this stuff there are accommodations available.

Watoga State Park Cabins

The park has 34 cabins from which to choose. Two of the cabins are even designed to be fully accessible for handicapped individuals. Although some of the cabins are pricier and more modern than others, all of them are fully equipped with electricity, kitchens, appliances, and complete bathrooms. However, the cabins are not the only overnight accommodations in the park. If you just want to pitch a tent or hook up your trailer, there are places for that as well. Watoga also has two multiple unit campgrounds: Beaver Creek Campground and Riverside Campground. Watoga State ParkBoth campgrounds come with tent or trailer ready sites, a picnic table and a grill, access to public restrooms, and coin-operated washers and dryers. The camping option is available from April 1 to early December.

Summer Fun at Watoga State Park

As previously mentioned, Watoga State Park is filled with fun things to do. However, that does not mean that they are all available all year whenever you want to come do them. Depending on what you want to do, you will want to come at the right time. If you’re primary objective is to go horseback riding you will want to come between late May and mid-September when Windy Hill Quarter Horse Stables is open. In addition, a naturalist will from time to time hold presentations via slides shows, hikes, campfires, and other activities in order to teach visitors about nature and the park itself. If this interests you, keeps tabs on the schedule for the next seasonal appearance. The rest of the parks activities are pretty much open to the vacationer’s discretion. These activities are world-class. Some have even been listed in top ten lists such as the Greenbrier River Trail which was named in Backpacker Magazine as one of the top ten hiking trails in the country. All of these activities are well-suited for veteran sports-enthusiasts and casual family vacationers alike.

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  1. Wow! Talk about “The Great Outdoors” – for me this epitomises all the beauty I imagine of North America and to explore it all on horseback would be a dream come true and like something from a movie. The log cabin with the roaring fire looks divine. I hope my husband agrees when I show him this!

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