Woodsmen Snowshoe WV

Woodsmen Weekend 2014 at Snowshoe WV

Woodmen Weekend Snowshoe

Lumber-jacking is no easy feat, and the Woodsmen Weekend of West Virginia will prove just how true of a statement that is in their upcoming competition this summer at Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia, the weekend of June 14th to 15th. What better way to spend a Father’s Day than to grab Dad and come see real athletes go head-to-head in that most athletic and rugged of competitions? Even better, consider participating yourself and getting in touch with your inner woodsman.

The schedule of Woodsmen Weekend events begins in earnest on that Saturday, the 14th of June 2014. Any competitors can simply visit their STIHL representative at the event and select their wood blocks. You’ll want to arrive early to set your wood as well, as limited numbers of stands will be available for competitors to set blocks. A Rules Presentation will be given at 11, with the competition itself stretching all afternoon from Noon to 5 PM with individual competitions in the Woodsmen WeekendPro Springboard, Stock Saw, Standing Block, Single Buck, Underhand and Hot Saw categories. The following day, a competitive qualifying round will take place for the Axe Throw competition, with the top 8 heading into the semi-finals. Snowshoe will present the US Wood chopping Championships that afternoon, with 10 qualifying rounds for the Underhand Chop, Hot Saw and Standing Block categories, with subsequent semi-final and final rounds in the above categories, including the Axe Throw finals, which are sure to be a must-see event. Finally, a Father and Son Chop event will round out the day in honor of the Father’s Day holiday.

Woodsmen Weekend Snowshoe WV

Just because winter has passed, doesn’t mean the mountains of West Virginia are finished holding excitement and surprise for visitors until it gets cold out again. This June, come on up to Snowshoe Mountain and get ready to compete and spectate in a wood-hammering, blood-pumping series of events that are sure to have any lumber-jacking aficionado excited. Whether it’s a special event for you, your husband or brother, this is certain to be a weekend to remember and an excellent excuse to get away, whether it’s to celebrate Father’s Day weekend or to just get out of town and up to Snowshoe WV. The quality and diversity of the available competitions will have athletes throwing axes and performing expert underhand chop skills unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

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  1. Haha this looks awesome! I wish I had seen this sooner… I would love to bring my family if this event
    will be happening again. The Father and Son Chop sounds like fun!

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