wanderlust snowshoe wv

2015 Wanderlust at Snowshoe WV

wanderlust snowshoe wvHave you ever felt like you were more aware of your body and the world around you than your peers? Give your mind, body, and soul a breath of fresh air at Wanderlust 2015 in Snowshoe WV on June 5-7, 2015.! Skip drinking yourself to oblivion in Cancun and instead experience life to its absolute fullest at Wanderlust!

Wanderlust Festivals are unique in that they are a mix between a music festival, skillshare, and TED talk. Wanderlust brings together an un-matchable group of inspiring yogis, meditation instructors, speakers, and musical performers for a spiritual gathering unlike any other. Wanderlust Festivals take place deep in nature. Wanderlust Summer 2015 is gathering in the Monongahela National Forest in Snowshoe WV a few hours east of Charleston and five hours west of DC.

3-day festival passes are $345 and include vouchers for 4 activities (yoga, meditation, hiking, or lectures) in addition to access to all the music. The 3-day pass also includes a one year subscription to EatingWell magazine! Single day tickets are available from $95-145 and carry different levels of activity vouchers.

wanderlust snowshoe wvThe days begin with a range of yoga and meditation classes for all skill levels. One day you might be sweating out toxins learning a new vinyasa flow on top of a mountain, the next day you’ll be splashing around on a paddleboard, or biking through a hidden mountain trail! In addition to all the activities, events, and entertainment Wanderlust also brings the world’s most influential and innovative chefs together for a once in a lifetime culinary experience. Internationally renowned chefs use fresh local foods to create custom meals of a lifetime.

Yoga classes range from straight forward meditation like “Journey Towards Serenity with Rasa Meditation” taught by Maryam Ovissi, to more tongue in cheek workshops like “I Only Like the Old Stuff: Asana For Hipsters” and “Yoga Rocks the 80’s”. Lunchtime is when the first musical acts start to play. And for the craft beer and wine enthusiasts “Uncorked” at 5:30 kicks off a sampling of the tastiest beers and wines the West Virginia region has to offer. Dinner follows shortly after that and as the sun sets the music kicks into full gear.

Get your tickets now and change your life forever! The next price hike for Wanderlust at Snowshoe WV is May 20th so act fast as certain classes are filling up right now.

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