Kona Womens Weekend

Kona Women’s Weekend at Snowshoe WV

Kona Womens WeekendThe Kona Women’s Weekend is a two-day biking event for women riders. This weekend clinic is being held in Snowshoe WV on the weekend of July 19-20th. A two-day clinic may be easy for some or difficult for others. So, the event welcomes all riders over the age of fifteen regardless of ability. Clinic packages start at $149 (lodging is extra) and include a two-day pass to the park. Bikes can also be rented for $45 per day.

The event aims to introduce women to the sport of gravity riding. However, this doesn’t mean the entire clinic is non-stop downhill riding. The clinic focuses on other activities that help in riding such as yoga and trail riding. It will also offer massages and group activities in the evening to help you unwind. The coaches for this event will be; Hillary Elgert, Kathi Kraus, Lindsey Voreis, Angi Weston and Pat Rehberg.

Kona Womens WeekendThe rest of the day will consist of riding through the park. The group stops at around noon for an hour lunch break. The afternoon portion of the clinic ends at around four. Following this will be a well-deserved cocktail party and massage for all riders (included in the package).

Sunday promises to be a less intense day. The day starts off with a group photo and continues with a morning downhill ride until noon. During lunch, a Kona mountain bike framed will be auctioned off to one of the riders. The rest of the day will be free riding, with the certified instructors or coaches.

Riders will begin arriving Friday afternoon. The meet and greet will start at 5:30 at Old Spruce Cafe to give riders and coaches an opportunity to get to know one another before the event. The actual clinic begins at 9:00 AM Saturday. Riders will check in before this time at the bottom level of Allegheny Springs in Tygart Room. This will be followed by morning yoga and stretches.

Snowshoe WV Lodging

Affordable lodging can be found at https://mountaintopcondos.com. Riders who make their accommodations through them can check-in at Mountain Lodge – which is located next to the main Bike Lift. This lodging complex is available 24 hours a day for convenience (in case of late night arrivals). A helmet is required for all riders. Helmets and other safety equipment are available for an extra charge from the local bike shop.

9 thoughts on “Kona Women’s Weekend at Snowshoe WV”

  1. Since my boyfriend is quite experienced in mountain biking – and gravity riding he has been trying to get me to give it a go so this makes for interesting reading. I know it says regardless of ability but it still feels pretty scary! It does seem like a great meet with a good mix of social and activity.

  2. This event looks like a ton of fun! I love mountain biking and would really love to enter this sporting event. I am so glad to have discovered all about it here.

  3. Now this is interesting…I have never done gravity riding. I can imagine doing it in Snowshoe, WV would be absolute stunning with all the mountains. Very nice schedule laid out and well organized. I know the pricing of the Mountaintop Condos is reasonable because I already checked that out for the Festivals I want to go to 🙂 hrmmm….now I need to research gravity riding! This place keeps having these great events!!!

  4. I have never heard of gravity riding. I am relativity new to biking so I tend to stick to the basics. I would imagine the main perk of this ride would be the view. Mid July, sun, mountain sides, sounds amazing. I love the added benefit of getting some yoga involved!

  5. This looks really interesting. I do a little mountain biking and would like to learn more about it. I was already looking into visiting Snowshoe, and this clinic fits perfectly into the dates I was thinking about. I’m glad you mentioned this was for people of all abilities, otherwise I might have hesitated. Thanks for the good info!

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