treasure on snowshoe mountain

2020 Treasure On Snowshoe Mountain

Treasure on Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia is unlike any other group event anywhere. In this age of the pandemic, you may be hesitant to participate in a group event. However, it is easy enough to maintain distance from others and still have an amazing time at this event. If you are unconvinced and/or just not sure you should go, here are some very good reasons for buying a ticket and attending anyway.

All Ticket Proceeds Go to Support Snowshoe WV

Snowshoe WV is perched in the Appalachian Mountains. It is a town of small size, but has a very small town feel to it. It relies heavily on the tourist business, especially in winter when people come to the resort to ski and snowboard. The rest of the year tourists may come for mountain biking and outdoor activities, but without any tourism this town is at a loss for financial support. If you buy a ticket to Treasure on Snowshoe Mountain, you are providing the town with the means to continue with its schools, local government, police, fire and rescue, etc., which is vital to the town’s survival.

Treasure on Snowshoe Mountain

All of the Food and Drink Exhibits Are Outside at Treasure On Snowshoe Mountain

If you are willing to go out to eat at a restaurant and sit in the outdoor patio, you can go to this event. Most every Treasure On Snowshoe Mountain exhibit is separated from the next tent/booth over and you can eat and drink as you walk. All of the booth owners will be taking precautions to ensure that every tasty tidbit is served safely and only when you request it (rather than leave it out for people to pick up, breathe over, etc.).

Treasure on Snowshoe Mountain

The Music and Entertainment Are Outside and There’s Nothing Else Like It

Appalachian sounds are unique to the region and there’s nothing else quite like it. While there will be other entertainment venues playing on and off through the event, the sounds of the region are something no one should ever miss. Many of the entertainers are also local, which means that your dollars donated to the event to receive tickets helps fund their dreams and ambitions too.

Treasure On Snowshoe Mountain Winners Are Announced Frequently

Odds are definitely in your favor to win something. Raffle drawings are held every five minutes all throughout the event. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes are awarded every year making this event more exciting than high stakes bingo. Treasure On Snowshoe Mountain prizes are not limited one to a person either, which means that you could easily walk away with a lion’s share of prizes. You do have to be present to take home your treasures, so you cannot simply buy a ticket and hope to hear from the raffle drawing board.

Treasure on Snowshoe Mountain

No “White Elephant” Prizes

You might win something that you can’t really use, but you definitely will not win anything that is a “white elephant” sort of prize. The reason being is that there are some major sponsors and contributors to the prize pool, including Sears, Snowshoe Resort, Waterworks Pools and Spas, and Demotto Honda/Yamaha vehicles. A list of prizes is available to all who buy tickets to the event.

Interested in getting a “new” gun? Phillips and Sons Pawn Shop is putting up a large number of guns as side raffle prizes. For anyone that likes to hunt or is interested in getting a new sidearm, this is one side raffle you don’t want to miss. For obvious reasons, minors are not allowed to enter and you may be required to undergo a background screening before entering or receiving your prize if you win.

Some of the Proceeds of Ticket Sales Become Cash Prizes

Even if nothing else on the prize list excites you, the cash prizes should. The least you could win is a thousand dollars. The most you could win is fifty thousand dollars, and all for purchasing your raffle tickets to this event. There’s probably a lot you could do with that kind of money, especially if you have been out of work lately due to the pandemic! Just a couple of dollars for your ticket(s) could turn into a major payday for you. If nothing else, your ticket purchase helps someone else in need, making your ticket purchase tax deductible as a donation to charity.

Treasure on Snowshoe Mountain – There’s an App for That

If you attend the Treasure on Snowshoe Mountain event, but you need to leave for a bit, don’t worry. You can download an app made just for this event. It alerts you to each and every raffle drawing and prize announcement, as well as the winning tickets. If you won, you have just enough time to get back to the event and claim your prize(s). (You can download the app before the event but it will not work until Aug. 8th when the raffle drawings begin.)

Treasure on Snowshoe Mountain

Lastly, most casinos are not open yet, but this raffle is the next best thing. You could throw the family into a camper or RV, travel to Snowshoe, West Virginia, camp out all weekend and make the raffle the highlight of your family vacation. You might even win a new truck or ATV to drive while you are enjoying your vacation there. With the event occurring in the last days of summer, it can be the last big hurrah your family enjoys before school begins again. Why not give it your best shot and buy a ticket while there is still some time to buy your ticket?