Snowshoe Elevation

Top 5 Snowshoe Webcam Views

Snowshoe MountainSnowshoe WV Winterfest is a peak in West Virginia that reaches over 4,800 feet. It is one of the snowiest locations in the mid-Atlantic. In fact, the peak receives more than 160 inches of snowfall per year. While the peak is popular ski destination, there are many other activities to choose from. There is a large ski village at the top of the mountain, and the summit features many picturesque views. There also are many webcams at the base and summit of the mountain. Here are five of the best views from a Snowshoe webcam:

1. Snowshoe Webcam of Village:

This Snowshoe webcam features a view of the Snowshoe WV village. Also, you can see a ski run in the background. There are windswept pines visible in the background. Viewing this webcam is a great way to determine how busy the slopes are and the weather conditions at the summit.

2. Shavers Lake Snowshoe Basin:Snowshoe Webcam

Shavers Lake is located near the base of Snowshoe Mountain. Viewing this webcam provides you with a good idea of weather conditions at the mountain’s base. Also, picturesque views of Shavers Lake are visible. You can also see the mountain’s slopes in the background. You can also see the beach on the other side of Shaver’s Lake.

3. Boathouse And Ballhooter Lift:

This Snowshoe webcam is also located near Shavers Lake. Also to being able to see the boathouse, this webcam is at the bottom of one of the mountain’s largest runs.  There also are picturesque mountain views on the other side of the lake. THis is an excellent webcam view to see how busy the Ballhooter lift is (one of the busiest spots on the mountain).

4. Silver Creek Webcam:

Silver Creek was once a ski resort of its own. Yet, it was recently bought by Snowshoe. Viewing this webcam is a great way to see weather and snow conditions on the Silver Creek section of the mountain. This camera also features picturesque mountain views and views of the ski slopes.

5. Jim’s Mountain Lodge 322:Snowshoe Webcam

This webcam is positioned inside Mountain Lodge 322, which is located at a very active part of the mountain. Viewing this webcam is a great way to determine if the slopes and Ballhooter lift are busy. Also, it’s a great way to observe weather conditions in Snowshoe WV.