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Top 5 Snowshoe Webcam Views

By on December 1, 2017

Snowshoe MountainSnowshoe WV Winterfest is a peak in West Virginia that reaches over 4,800 feet. It is one of the snowiest locations in the mid-Atlantic. In fact, the peak receives more than 160 inches of snowfall per year. While the peak is popular ski destination, there are many other activities to choose from. There is a large ski village at the top of the mountain, and the summit features many picturesque views. There also are many webcams at the base and summit of the mountain. Here are five of the best views from a Snowshoe webcam:

1. Snowshoe Webcam of Village:

This Snowshoe webcam features a view of the Snowshoe WV village. Also, you can see a ski run in the background. There are windswept pines visible in the background. Viewing this webcam is a great way to determine how busy the slopes are and the weather conditions at the summit.

2. Shavers Lake Snowshoe Basin:Snowshoe Webcam

Shavers Lake is located near the base of Snowshoe Mountain. Viewing this webcam provides you with a good idea of weather conditions at the mountain’s base. Also, picturesque views of Shavers Lake are visible. You can also see the mountain’s slopes in the background. You can also see the beach on the other side of Shaver’s Lake.

3. Boathouse And Ballhooter Lift:

This Snowshoe webcam is also located near Shavers Lake. Also to being able to see the boathouse, this webcam is at the bottom of one of the mountain’s largest runs.  There also are picturesque mountain views on the other side of the lake. THis is an excellent webcam view to see how busy the Ballhooter lift is (one of the busiest spots on the mountain).

4. Silver Creek Webcam:

Silver Creek was once a ski resort of its own. Yet, it was recently bought by Snowshoe. Viewing this webcam is a great way to see weather and snow conditions on the Silver Creek section of the mountain. This camera also features picturesque mountain views and views of the ski slopes.

5. Jim’s Mountain Lodge 322:Snowshoe Webcam

This webcam is positioned inside Mountain Lodge 322, which is located at a very active part of the mountain. Viewing this webcam is a great way to determine if the slopes and Ballhooter lift are busy. Also, it’s a great way to observe weather conditions in Snowshoe WV.
Snowshoe Mountain West Virginia

Snowshoe WV Announces 2018 Opening Day

By on November 21, 2017

Snowshoe WV Deals

Snowshoe WV – Excitement is in the air as the Snowshoe Mountain Resort draws closer to opening day. Ski fans everywhere are anticipating the activities scheduled to start on November 24th. This is an incredible time to plan your Snowshoe WV ski trip because there is already the beginning of an excellent base, and the snow-guns are operational and running.

On October 30th skiers rejoiced when the season’s first measurable snowfall was received at Snowshoe. Overnight, there was more than an inch of shimmering snow on the ground. The temperatures have been cold, so the resort has started making their plans for snow preparation for the upcoming ski season. Provided the weather permits, skiing will begin on November 24th at the resort.Ballhooter Spring Break

To compliment the opening day, there are exciting new attractions at Snowshoe. New restaurants have opened to tempt the skiers’ taste-buds, and the schedule of events for the new ski season are now available. This year’s attractions are fantastic and include numerous artists for the popular Beats on The Basin Concert Series. The dates for the Ballhooter Spring Break Festival, the Cupp Run Challenge, the Winter Brew-fest and many additional activities are set, and will be in effect until the April closing of the resort.

The resort has been working hard on a lot of improvement projects throughout the summer. This includes replacing thousands of feet of the water and air lines. This will increase the efficiency of the snow-making process, so more open terrain can be opened much faster in Snowshoe WV. Critical locations have brand new, high-efficiency snow-guns including Shay’s Snowshoe WVRevenge, Whiffletree and Heisler Way. Several of the ski trail intersections have been widened by the resort, the ski in/ski out access has been increased for the Black Bear and Shamrock Crossing neighborhoods, new signage for the trails has been placed, and the fleet even has a new high-powered grooming machine.

As the head of ski operations at Snowshoe WV, Ken Gaitor put in a lot of hard work during the summer. The resort placed great importance on making improvements to add to their guests skiing experience. The resort’s focus was on maximizing the efficiency for the seasons snow-making operations. The resort is test driving several innovative, high performance/low energy snow-guns. The resort additionally expects to be unveiling a dramatic snow-making expansion before much more time has passed. Once the resort determines how well the different guns perform during the winter, they can make educated decisions regarding the future upgrades for Snowshoe WV.

Snowshoe WV WoodsThe Woods Escape Room Tour is yet another exciting new attraction skiers can enjoy this winter. One of Snowshoes four-seat, heated, enclosed Polaris RZR’s will be enjoyed by the participants. They will tour the back country, and gorgeous mountain areas most of the guests have never experienced. The tour will take the guests to the Cabin in The Woods Escape Room. The participants will then delight in a gourmet meal, before tackling a series of puzzles and riddles. There is no doubt Snowshoe WV is the place to be this winter season.

resorts in west virginia

Top 5 Resorts in West Virginia

By on May 8, 2017

West Virginia boasts of some of the best resorts in the US. People looking for outdoor recreational activities, relaxation and adventure have plenty of destinations to choose from. The top five resorts in West Virginia offer their guests top notch services in order to keep them coming back for more:

    1. The Greenbrier is a historical destination that has been in existence for the past 235 years. It offers endless vacation possibilities and this has seen it attract famous guests from all over the world. resorts in west virginiaFormer presidents and celebrities have been some of the guests who have graced the corridors of this fabulous resort. The Greenbrier is considered to be one of the best luxury resorts in the world. It has a world class golf course for golf lovers and players. The resort also has a great spa for guests seeking to relax their minds and bodies. In addition to this, dining at the Greenbrier is an awesome experience since the menu comprises of exotic dishes prepared by highly trained and experienced chefs.
    2. Snowshoe Mountain is a skiing heaven for skiers and snowboarders. Snowshoe is an ideal destination for winter enthusiasts seeking adventure and relaxation. The resort is located on a mountain top with a fantastic natural mountain environment. When winter ends the fun and luxury doesn’t end there as the resort holds numerous international events.
    3. Oglebay Resort and conference center is a premier destination for anyone looking for a perfect vacation getaway. The resort was started over a century ago in the summer estate of Earl W. Oglebay in Wheeling, West Virginia. resorts in west virginiaThis destination offers world class hospitality services with other complementing amenities such a Spa, golf course and exquisite dining. It also has a spacious and luxurious conference center that is fully equipped and furnished.
    4. The Resort At Glade Springs is an exclusive family resort. It offers luxury dining and lodging facilities that contribute towards a perfect vacation getaway. Guests are treated to a warm and comfy reception and end up feeling at home at this resort – something that the management goes to great lengths to ensure!
    5. Canaan Valley Resort and Conference Center makes it to the list of the top 5 resorts in West Virginia. This resort offers the sporting clay range, an exciting game that tests a player’s shooting skills. The fun doesn’t end here as guests are treated to an adventurous hiking experience. Golf lovers also get to enjoy their favorite sport at a world class golf course.
ski exercises

Top 5 Exercises for Ski Season

By on September 15, 2016

ski exercisesFor those who live for the cold and crisp action of the mountains during ski season, the proceeding months in anticipation can drag on forever. With the hot weather and summer activities, followed by the fall and its signaling the initiation of a new school year and work quarter, its easy to fall back on exercises and wind up with legs that aren’t ready for the intense skiing and snowboarding you have planned.

Those who practice a sport of any kind know that the warm up is as as integral as the sport itself. Keeping muscles stretched and building up mass throughout the year helps build up endurance, reduces the risk of injury during sports and is also just plain good for you. “Burning legs” syndrome is reported by many skiers, both novices and pros with years of experience. The burning sensation in the thighs is caused by the extreme stress placed on several muscle groups while skiing, so its important that you work out various parts of your legs throughout the year in order to best prepare yourself for the slopes. Even performing these exercises for ski season two to three times a week can help improve your endurance and next ski experience drastically.

ski exercises

Skiing utilizes a variety of muscle groups such as the quads, hamstrings and calves. It’s important that your leg workout includes exercises that will work all of these areas and help build up strength. The squat targets the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes, as well as the areas that make up the calves. You can do three reps of ten for a decent workout and an advanced skier can try one-legged squats for an additional challenge.

Lunges help tighten the thighs and strengthen the hips, which is important given how intensively they work to help you turn and maneuver the paths during ski season. You can do three sets of six to eight repetitions, or combine the lunges with squats and aim for two reps of six to eight repetitions of each move.

The Single-Leg Leg Press is a great strength building exercise that can be done at the gym a few days a week or at home if you have the equipment. You should place 60 to 70 percent of what you can normally lift on a single leg, lift and hold for six seconds before repeating on the opposite side. Four sets of four on each leg is recommended. You should go slowly as you lower your legs, as doing so helps mimic the same pressure your legs experience from gravity and inertia when you’re going downhill. If you aren’t able to lower the weights slowly, then decrease the amount you’re lifting and work your way up.

Single-leg Lateral Jumps

ski exercises
Single-leg Lateral Jumps

This exercise works the inner and outer thighs as well as the lateral strength in the knee and overall coordination that is required for nearly every facet of skiing. Perform 20 reps on each leg for the best conditioning.

Single-leg Ventral Hops

Instead of working the thighs, this exercise targets the glutes and hip flexors at the front and rear hip sockets. It can also build up knee strength. Building control and coordination is critical, so you want to perform exercises that don’t just stretch and work muscle but also help you gain better control over your body. This exercise should be done according to what your body can handle, so choose a set of repetitions that works well for you and work up to a higher number as your strength increases to avoid any muscle strain or injury.

Mountain Lodge Directions

Mountain Lodge Directions

By on May 10, 2014

Mountain Lodge is located in the heart of Snowshoe WV. Once you arrive at the top of the mountain, look for signs to the “Conference Center”, which is located in the basement of Mountain Lodge. We are located directly behind Split Rocks Pools and hot-tubs. Because of our rural location, GPS units are not always the most reliable source for turn-by-turn directions. Some of the roads in the area are not properly mapped. We suggest inputting longitude and latitude coordinates, rather than using a street address:

GPS=38.4119 North – 79.9963 West

Drive directly to the guard shack and give the attendant your name and unit number. They will issue you a parking pass. Please note that they will NOT allow you into the parking lot prior to 5PM. There are no early check-ins.

Please be aware there is limited cell phone service in many areas surrounding the resort due to it being located in a “National Radio Quiet Zone“.

Suggested Physical Address: 10 Snowshoe Dr. Snowshoe WV 26209 Please always double check your directions with a reliable map.