Mountain Lodge Directions

Mountain Lodge Directions

Mountain Lodge is located in the heart of Snowshoe WV. Once you arrive at the top of the mountain, look for signs to the “Conference Center”, which is located in the basement of Mountain Lodge. We are located directly behind Split Rocks Pools and hot-tubs. Because of our rural location, GPS units are not always the most reliable source for turn-by-turn directions. Some of the roads in the area are not properly mapped. We suggest inputting longitude and latitude coordinates, rather than using a street address:

GPS=38.4119 North – 79.9963 West

Drive directly to the guard shack and give the attendant your name and unit number. They will issue you a parking pass. Please note that they will NOT allow you into the parking lot prior to 5PM. There are no early check-ins.

Please be aware there is limited cell phone service in many areas surrounding the resort due to it being located in a “National Radio Quiet Zone“.

Suggested Physical Address: 10 Snowshoe Dr. Snowshoe WV 26209 Please always double check your directions with a reliable map.

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