West Virginia’s Greenbrier River Trail

As if West Virginia wasn’t one of the tourist jewels of the U.S. already, one of the most popular sites in the state is the Greenbrier River Trail. The creativity of West Virginia’s State Park system took a former railroad site within Greenbrier County and created a lush recreational venue 77 miles long. The appeal of the trail is the location that evokes memories of West Virginia’s history.

Greenbrier River TrailWelcome To The Greenbrier Trail

The attraction of the Greenbrier River that winds its way through this region provides a calming effect and a kind of “back to nature” aura that tourists love. The former rail that once ran through this area is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to spend a week or two communing with nature or enjoying all that the Greenbrier River Trail has to offer. For example, the trail is a hiker’s dream. With a nearly 80-mile-long hiking trail, hikers have a chance to breathe fresh, clean West Virginia air and enjoy a glorious scenery. Start your hike in Marlinton, an old train depot, and hike southward through a well-forested area.

If hiking isn’t your reason to visit the Greenbrier River Trail, there is the lure of numerous activities like swimming, bicycling, backpacking, and horseback riding.

With the Greenbrier River in close proximity, there’s an opportunity to explore river activities like paddle boating in the warm West Virginia sunshine.

If you are an avid photographer, Greenbrier River Trail will not disappoint. Between the rolling landscape, the natural flora, and fauna, the true essence of West Virginia is ready and waiting to be captured.

The Greenbrier River Trail is an ethereal idyll in winter that is simply breathtaking. People also come from miles away to enjoy cross-country skiing and ample snowfall. Nearby Snowshoe WV provides a winter wonderland of downhill skiing and snow-tubing.

Greenbrier River Trail
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Greenbrier River Trail – An Escape from the Hustle and Bustle

Busy lives create greater levels of stress. It’s easy to understand why seeking tranquil places for vacation is a priority. Greenbrier River Trail prides itself on catering to the needs of individuals and families seeking an escape from all of the hustle and bustle. Greenbrier River Trail provides the kind of solitude that many seek. This is balanced by a round of outdoor activities.

Cabins and campsites open in Greenbrier State Forest from mid-April until closing in October. Cabins are limited so reserve early. Also, visit Mountaintop Condos for nearby condo rentals.

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  1. Can we bike the Greenbrier River Trail without going through The Greenbrier Resort? Do you rent bikes anywhere else if we drive ourselves to the trial?

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