Snowshoe WV Winterfest

Ski Destination – Snowshoe Mtn WV

Snowshoe Mtn WVOur couples ski trip to West Virginia landed us in the perfect skier’s paradise. Snowshoe Mtn WV is an amazing destination with skiing and snowboarding options for every level of expertise. I love skiing, but I’ve never been exceptional at it, yet the slopes on Snowshoe had everything I could have hoped for and more. My husband also really enjoyed their more challenging runs. If we’d had the kids along on this trip, it would have been great fun for the whole family. Our long weekend didn’t feel long enough, and we’re already talking about heading back.

Snowshoe WV – What a Location!

One of the best things about Snowshoe Mtn WV is the resort location. Nestled on top of the mountain, Snowshoe WV has some really beautiful, scenic views. Its mountaintop location also means you can get to skiing right away. Just pick the run you want to try and ski on over. There is no need to wait in line for a lift because you’re already at the top. We were headed down our first run within five minutes of leaving our cozy, condo-style room.Snowshoe Mtn WV

Best Ski Slopes in the Mid-Atlantic

The slopes were fantastic with crisp snow slicing under our skis and enough of a challenge to keep my husband happy while still being easy enough that I didn’t have to work too hard at it. They have literally thousands of feet of skiable areas ranging from pulse-racing black diamond slopes with incredible drops to comfortable beginner runs that even the newest skier will enjoy. Everything was well powdered and maintained. We were on to our second run earlier than most resorts have you on your first, and there didn’t seem to be a bad slope on the entire mountain.

Snowshoe Mtn WVSnowshoe Mtn WV – Shops & Restaurants

After all that skiing I was sore and tired, but the resort’s excellent spa options took care of that. I enjoyed a luxurious massage that left me feeling like warm butter and the hubby even joined me for a facial that took my slightly chapped face back to a dewy glow. I seriously could have spent the entire weekend at the spa, but there was so much to do we didn’t want to waste any time. There was plenty of shopping, some really terrific food options, and lots of entertainment. We got to check out some live music and even danced a little.

Can’t Wait to Come Back!

Our second day started with more skiing and of course some good eating. We started the morning with classic comfort food, enjoyed some delicious barbecue for lunch, and rounded the day out with a gourmet dinner. We decided to check out the Off-Road Adventure Tour, which took about an hour and a half and allowed us to see some really beautiful and seemingly untouched wilderness in the mountains back-country. Then we finished the day with a fantastic sunset and some romantic cuddling by the fire. It was the perfect couple’s weekend. Next time I guess we’ll bring the kids and let them check out some of the fun activities Snowshoe Mtn WV has just for them.