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Mountain Lodge Pet Policy

By on May 23, 2014

pet policy

Revised and Effective: March 11, 2016

Pets are not permitted in any unit or upon any Common Element of Mountain Lodge Association property, by any party. The Mountain Lodge pet policy applies to all units whether or not enrolled in any rental program. There shall be no exceptions.

This prohibition applies to the maintenance, keeping, visiting, boarding and/or raising of animals of any kind, regardless of number or size. Animals can present hazards relative to human safety, damage to property, cleanliness of the units and common areas, vermin, noise and other disturbances, fear of injury, etc.

Animals found within Mountain Lodge units or Common Elements can be removed from the property without notice. Any unit occupants who violate this policy are subject to eviction, fine and/or such other penalties as the Executive Board deems appropriate. Any unit owner in violation of this policy is subject to fine and/or such other penalties as the Executive Board deems necessary.

We do, however, provide a list of Snowshoe properties that will consider pets. Simply CLICK HERE to find an available property, and then send the owner an inquiry.