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GNCC Snowshoe – The Race Continues 2018

By on June 14, 2018

Get Ready for the GNCC Snowshoe WV

GNCC SnowshoeMark your calendars! On Sunday, June 23rd and Monday, June 24th, 2018, the challenging Grand National Cross-Country series (GNCC Snowshoe) will resume, with the next leg of this fierce competition scheduled to occur in Snowshoe, West Virginia. Widely regarded as one of the most difficult off-road races in the country, the contest involves hundreds of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), motorbikes, and utility-task vehicles (UTVs). The series occurs over a variety of courses scheduled in different locations set a few weeks apart.

Visit the Snowshoe WV Resort to Watch an Epic Event

If you enjoy the exciting sport of off-road racing, you likely already possess a lot of information about the Grand National Cross Country (“the GNCC”) series. The GNCC Snowshoe race can trace its origins to West Virginia, where an off-road racing enthusiast named Dave Coombs launched the Blackwater-100 outside the small town of Davis during the 1970s. It involved a perilous track of 100 miles crossing rough, unforgiving terrain.

Over the years, the famous race expanded into the GNCC, a series of challenging off-road courses. At the same time, the entry classes available for off-road racing participants in the GNCC Snowshoe increased (to 107) and the length of the course in each series decreased from the original 100 miles. This event now draws off-road racing pros, amateurs, and spectators from around the world. Later this month, you’ll enjoy a wonderful opportunity to attend one of the GNCC races in beautiful Snowshoe WV, a center for winter skiing and athletic competitions on Snowshoe Mountain.GNCC Snowshoe

Come for the GNCC SNowshoe Race, Stay for The Vacation of a Lifetime!

The timing of this leg of the GNCC Snowshoe will please participants who choose to attend the June 23-24th Series in conjunction with a vacation in the area. The Snowshoe Mountain WV Resort serves as the venue for this series in the GNCC. However, it also offers a variety of entertaining activities for visitors: hiking, bicycle riding, golfing, clay shooting, horseback riding, lake activities, and many other tourist attractions. The facility includes a popular spa furnishing outstanding opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation. Additionally, visitors enjoy a variety of shopping and fine dining options.

In addition to luxurious accommodations, the resort supplies fun outdoor and leisure classes (including Yoga, Archery, and a Kid’s Camp). Concerts, special events, and even a local railroad tour provide guests with an appealing list of fun activities. The lovely Snowshoe WV scenery creates an alluring backdrop for all these exciting summer pursuits.

See the GNCC Snowshoe Race in Person

This series of the GNCC bills itself as “the ultimate test” for participants in the sport of cross-country racing. Set on the slopes of West Virginia’s premier ski resort, the race occurs within a designated area used for off-road activities. In addition to their GNCC entry fees paid to the race sponsors, participants and spectators should plan on purchasing 2018 ski lift tickets to reach this venue. The event includes many fun-filled activities, including a zip lining course.

GNCC SnowshoeSome participants will want to arrive a bit early to attend a golf tournament on Friday beginning at 9. a.m. at the resort’s Raven Club. It will help raise money for the 2018 ISDE US trophy team representing the United States during the International Six Days Enduro race in Chile conducted in November – one of the oldest off-road motorcycle races. Some of the GNCC race classes will commence competitions on Friday evening and many amateur races take place on Saturday. Saturday’s events will include a 6 p.m. graduation ceremony for youth who participated in the off-road training events sponsored through GNCC racing. Demonstration rides for Yamaha off-road vehicle occur on both Saturday and Sunday.

Snowshoe WV Restaurants

Participants and spectators attending the June 23rd and June 24th series of the GNCC will appreciate the availability of dining facilities at the Snowshoe WV resort. Whether you feel a sudden urge for coffee and donuts or an insatiable craving for Cheat Mountain Pizza, you’ll appreciate the rich variety of fare available. Satisfy hunger before, during, and after arduous racing!

People attending this event discover no fewer than five dining facilities here. Your bistro options include: Starbucks, Foxfire Grille, Cheat Mountain Pizza, Old Spruce Café and Tavern, and The Junction Restaurant and Saloon. The latter establishment offers full breakfasts (as well as main meals).

Arrive a Week Early or Leave a Week Late

GNCC SnowshoeAdditional information about the Snowshoe WV resort will interest people attending the GNCC series here later this month. If you have the time to arrive at the mountain a few days early, you’ll want to catch the annual Wine and Jazz Festival conducted here between June 15th and June 16th. This regular event includes a formal wine tasting capped off by a magnificent Sunday morning brunch. Purchase tickets for events on Saturday and Sunday separately, or plan on attending both days (you can even opt to participate in the brunch alone).

The week following the GNCC series, visitors enjoy an opportunity to attend Community Appreciation Days conducted between June 28th and July 1st. The resort offers residents of nearby Randolph, Webster and Pocahontas Counties free weekend passes to participate in this celebration of Snowshoe Mountain. Local people attending the GNCC won’t want to miss this opportunity!

Affordable lodging can be sparse and difficult to find during this very popular event! It is suggested that you make a reservation well in advance of the event – ideally several months ahead of time. To check availability visit Mountaintop Condos or call (304) 355-9553.

GNCC Snowshoe

2017 GNCC Race Returns To Snowshoe WV

By on June 20, 2017

gncc logoThe GNCC Racing Series is back in action this weekend, and this time it’s heading back to its roots. Held on June 24 and 25, the GNCC Amsoil Snowshoe promises to one of the best events of the year as riders from all over the country put their ATV skills to the ultimate test in the toughest race of the GNCC tour.

The event is held at Snowshoe Mountain resort in Snowshoe WV; just a stone’s throw away from where the original GNCC race, the famed Blackwater 100, was held. To pay homage to the original, the GNCC Snowshoe begins in town in the picturesque Snowshoe village before continuing on up the mountain and traversing some of the most challenging off-road tracks in the country. Riders will be tested by steep hills, huge tree roots, sticky mud and massive bogs that threaten to put a premature end to many riders’ race.

Howard’s Hole

howards holeOne of the highlights of the event is undoubtedly Howard’s Hole, a huge bog that is often all but impassable if not for the help of fans who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty to help riders overcome this obstacle. The starting line is also a great place to be to experience the thrill the roaring engines and the riders taking off on their way across the course. Unlike typical GNCC races that feature a dead-engine start, the GNCC Snowshoe has a live-engine start that sees five riders taking off every 10 seconds to create a truly impressive scene that further adds to the excitement of this special event.

Of course, holding the event at Snowshoe Mountain also offers a level of amenities and luxuries not typically associated with cross-country ATV races. While the stunning natural beauty surrounding Snowshoe WV offers a wide array of picturesque views, attendees also have the opportunity to enjoy all of the world-class amenities and services offered within the village itself. From fantastic shopping and excellent dining opportunities to luxurious accommodations, lively nightlife, miles of mountain biking trails and an amazing mountaintop golf course, Snowshoe truly has something for everyone.

Blackwater 100 – Gone But Not Forgotten

GNCC SnowshoeIt is only fitting that the GNCC holds an event at Snowshoe Mountain seeing as the racing series got its start in nearby Blackwater. The original Blackwater 100 was considered America’s toughest race, and in keeping with this tradition, the GNCC Snowshoe course presents the biggest challenge racers will face all year. Combine the excitement of the year’s most challenging race with the fantastic surrounds of the resort and you’ve got the makings of one of the best ATV events in the country.
All tickets for the event include ski lift tickets to allow visitors to explore the fabulous hills and surroundings, and after the race is over, Snowshoe offers ample opportunities for dining with the family or a few drinks with friends. For all these reasons, the GNCC Snowshoe is the place to be this weekend.
Snowshoe WV GNCC

Snowshoe GNCC 2016 Race Returns to West Virginia

By on June 17, 2016

Moto-crossSnowshoe GNCC 2016 fans in and around Snowshoe WV, the Snowshoe GNCC 2016 race is coming to you on Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th 2016! If you like two wheels, high speeds, and excitement, than this is the event for you. There are plenty of races to entertain you all day and plenty of outdoor activities for when the races are over.

Watch the immense skill of moto-cross racers as they maneuver rough terrains at top speed. These athletes will impress you with their precision and talent while scaring and entertaining you at the same time. It’s dirty, it’s rough, and it’s not for someone who can’t handle the outdoors. Bring clothes and shoes to play in the dirt and mud!

There are a number of events for riders of all ages. On Saturday the 25th, the ATV races are the focus. There are races for youth, amateurs, and professionals. Youth races take an hour while the adult races take two hours. On Sunday the 26th, the bike races take place! There are races for youth, amateurs, and professionals. The youth bike race takes an hour and a half, the amateur race is 2 hours, and the professional race takes 3 hours.

Snowshoe GNCC 2016The Snowshoe GNCC 2016 races are not the only events that take place that weekend. On Friday and Saturday there will be a DJ located at Snowshoe Village, with plenty of food, entertainment, and wonderful views of the West Virginia mountains! Of course, you can find plenty of other activities to keep you and your entire family busy over this fun-filled weekend at Snowshoe!

So grab the family and head down to Snowshoe WV to experience all of the rugged joy that the Snowshoe GNCC 2016 weekend has to offer. For lodging visit Mountaintop Condos or call (304) 355-9553.

Snowshoe WV GNCC

Snowshoe GNCC 2015 Race Coming to West Virginia

By on June 11, 2015

Snowshoe GNCC 2015The Snowshoe GNCC 2015 race is one of the toughest and most unique events held in America. Founded in 1975, this 13-round championship is exclusively produced by Racer Productions. Today, it is considered to be one of the most physically demanding games in America. Each GNCC race lasts for around 3 hours, where 1800 bikers from all over the world compete for prizes worth $3 million. The ten to twelve-mile long track consisting of all types of terrain from muddy and rooty to rocky and hilly tests rider’s survival and speed skills. However, it is not only for professional bikers but also amateurs who are divided into demographic groups.

This year, the Snowshoe GNCC 2015 race is set to be held in Snowshoe WV. With plenty of options for leisure activities, such as parks, sightseeing and shops, the host area will provide plenty of options for entertainment off the track as well. Snowshoe, which is the biggest skiing resort in West Virginia, also has golf courses and bike race tracks for the joy and convenience of its visitors.

The Snowshoe WV resort will be hosting Round 9 of the Snowshoe GNCC 2015 race from the 20th of June to the 21st of June 2015. The schedule is as follows:

  • Friday, the 19th of June 2015– The check point will open at 8am in the morning. Visitors can enter at the base of the mountain. At nighttime, visitors will experience one of the best musical nights, featuring the Davisson Brothers Band. Visitors will also have access to a shuttle service throughout the area.
  • Saturday, the 20th of June 2015– The shuttle service runs at 5am, and at 7:30 am attendants can see the first 1-hour long race, which is called Youth ATV start. After that, there will be a 2-hour long race for amateurs at the mountain drive, and then at 1pm there is the most exciting and interesting professional race called Pro ATV start. This race will also be 2 hours. Visitors will again have a musical night at 8PM featuring Shinobi Ninjas and then attendants will have the facility for shuttle service late at night.
  • Sunday, the 21st of June 2015– Shuttle operations will start at the same time and bikes will boost their engines at 8am for the Youth 1.5 hour long race. At 10am, The Amateur 2-hour race will start, and at 1pm, there will be another professional level race for 3 hours. However, there are no musical performances this night and hence, the shuttle service will operate from 8pm to midnight.

If you are looking to experience this amazing event, then you can book your lodging at https://mountaintopcondos.com, pack your stuff and get ready to become a part of the exciting Snowshoe GNCC 2015 Racing event in Snowshoe WV.


GNCC Racing Update Snowshoe WV

By on June 12, 2014

GNCC Racing Snowshoe WV

The GNCC Racing Series will be returning to Snowshoe WV the weekend of June 20-22nd, 2014. Those of you who were here last June will remember that during this event there are some changes to normal mountain traffic and resort parking locations. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and look forward to another successful GNCC event.

Beginning Friday, June 20th, 2014 at 8AM, at the front (North Mountain) entrance by the Snowshoe WV Welcome Center, all vehicles will enter through the GNCC racing check point. There will be a designated owner line at the check point to minimize any inconvenience to property owners. General Parking and shuttles will again be based at Silver Creek during the weekend.

Also beginning Friday, June 20th, 2014 at 11AM, the South Mountain Road (from Rt. 66) will be closed to all traffic entering the resort. Employees with I.D.’s and Owner’s with I.D.’s may use the South Road.

Snowshoe WV Village outlets will be open to the public with the exception of chairlift rides and the mountain bike park which will be closed. Owners and guests who wish to view the race may purchase a wristband from one of the GNCC outlets, The Inn, Allegheny Springs Front Desk, Mountain Top Check-In or at The Depot. Access to lake activities and chair lift rides during the weekend will be restricted to persons with a purchased wristband. The cost of wristbands for the entire weekend is only $25 per person.

GNCC Snowshoe WV

Due to the location of the starting line on Snowshoe Dr., at the Brigham Circle, traffic there will be suspended and Rimfire and Seneca garage access closed during race start times on Saturday 8:00am– 9:00am, 10:00am – 12:00pm and 1:00pm – 3:00pm.  Sunday 8:00am – 9:30am, 10:00am – 11:30am, 1:00pm-4:00pm. Start times can vary due to weather. During start times, West Ridge Road can be used to travel from North to South Mountain. Shuttles will be available.

2014 marks GNCC’s seventh trip to Snowshoe Mountain, WV. We are pleased to serve as the host venue for “America’s Toughest Race” and look forward to another great weekend.

GNCC Racing comes to Snowshoe WV

By on June 8, 2014

GNCC Snowshoe

The GNCC (Grand National Cross Country) race is going to take place on June 21st and 22nd in Snowshoe WV. Snowshoe is located in Pocahontas County and is home to the biggest ski resort in the state. The idyllic village is tucked away within the picturesque Allegheny Mountains. It’s a hub for winter activities, notably skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing. Winter activities aren’t the only game in town, however. Snowshoe (and the surrounding area) is also known for mountain biking, golfing, canoeing, zip-lining, hiking and fly fishing – just to name a few examples.

The Snowshoe GNCC race was first established in 2007. It’s famous for being the most grueling and most fascinating GNCC tour race around. Spectators can enjoy watching the Snowshoe GNCC race to a backdrop of pure natural wonder. The motorcycle race begins in a “town setting” rather than in a field, unlike many others. The riders are placed in units of five on paved roads. After they get on the course, the gorgeous surroundings quickly disappear only to be replaced by rugged and complicated terrain full of extensive mud bogs, hills and enormous tree roots. These things last for several miles. It isn’t uncommon for riders to be unable to get through them. Only the most skilled riders are often able to endure.

GNCC Snowshoe WV

While the Snowshoe GNCC race can be extremely hard in certain parts, the loyal and spirited “mud fleas” often can be of great assistance. The phrase “mud fleas” refers to the devoted GNCC enthusiasts who watch these thrilling races.

The dirt in Snowshoe is somewhat unpredictable. When it’s damp, it’s a viscous and ugly mess. When the dark loamy soil is dry, however, it’s smooth sailing. When you combine this unpredictable dirt with the area’s many roots and stones, the Snowshoe WV GNCC race becomes a formidable yet exciting journey for riders and observers alike.

Many fans adore watching the Snowshoe WV GNCC race due to it being a true challenge for cross-country racers. The race isn’t 100 percent stress for riders, however. It’s also made up of a stretch of gravel road that lasts for several miles. The gravel road gives tired riders the chance to recuperate from the rest of the adventure.

Snowshoe WV

Because Snowshoe has an elevation of more than 4,200 feet, jetting is a possibility for the majority of motorcycles. This is yet another challenge that riders in the GNCC race face. Last but not least, the elevation can make the race a pretty chilly experience.

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, then a weekend visit to Snowshoe, WV to watch this race might be the perfect early summer activity. If you want to witness some of the finest motocross and ATV athletes in the United States, this race is the one for you. Don’t miss the adrenaline-packed thrills of the GNN Snowshoe race. Snowshoe WV makes a terrific destination for a quick weekend getaway. Not only does the village offer many recreational activities, but it also offers a wide array of dining establishments. Depending on the specific season, visitors to Snowshoe can enjoy everything from brew festivals to ski races and beyond.

To book lodging during the event, visit www.mountaintopcondos.com or call (724) 252-7761.