Snowshoe March Madness – Free Season Pass

The Rules

  • Members pick all 63 games of the NCAA Tournament.
  • The pick deadline is set to March 16, 2023 at 12:15 PM ET. 
  • Each participant is limited to a single entry in the contest. 
  • Points are awarded for each correct pick.
  • Points values increase as the tournament progresses, as follows: 
    • Play-in games are not included or scored
    • First Round = 1 point
    • Second Round = 2 points
    • Sweet 16 = 4 points
    • Regional Final (Round of 8) = 8 points
    • National Semifinal (Last Four) = 16 points
    • Championship = 32 points
  • The pool does not use a seed point bonus. Correct picks will be awarded the points assigned for each round. 
  • The tie-breaker is the combined number of points scored in the Championship game. Each member must enter a tie-break value when they make their picks. 
  • The winner is the entry with the most points at the end of the NCAA Tournament.
  • Winner will receive a 2023/2024 Snowshoe Season Pass

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