Our Snowshoe WV Strategy


Relationships: We enjoy a good relationship with the entire Mountain Lodge staff. We are well-regarded by everyone there – from the General Manager to the housekeeping staff. They are part of our Mountain Lodge family and we couldn’t be happier. Also, we are personal friends with many other ML owners who also manage properties themselves. We are able to use these resources to everyone’s advantage. We all help each other out!

Flexibility: Your condo is just that…it is your condonot ours. We closely align ourselves with property owners to make sure that they are comfortable with the way we are managing their property. We like to work with you so that everyone is happy and your property is managed efficiently. You should not feel as if you have “lost control” of your own property. If you feel like there is an area where we could better manage your property, we are happy to listen – and we will take action! Your feedback is welcomed!

Experience: We have owned our Snowshoe condo since 2005, and have always managed it ourselves. During that time, we have come to know the resort (and area) very well, and are usually able to answer any questions that guests might have. We became so confident in managing our own property that we decided to offer our expertise to other Mountain Lodge owners.

Reduced Commission Fees: While most other property management firms command a 25% (or more ) commission to manage your property, we only charge 20%. We feel that this is fair for both the property owner as well as the manager (us).

Credentials: Chris, a former SSGT in the USAF, has a BS in Computer Information Systems from the University of Maryland, and an MBA in IT Management from Western Governors University. He has over 15 years experience building websites and SEO (search engine optimization). He is the Webmaster for Mountain Lodge’s website (he was the one who redesigned it for ML in 2013), as well as their de facto “IT Guy” when it comes to Mountain Lodge’s technical gear.

Mountaintop Condos
Chris & Alison

We’re Owners Too: We own a Mountain Lodge condo ourselves. So, we understand many of the concerns/issues that property owners might have – because, after all, those concerns usually affect us as well. Being able to manage your Mountain Lodge property from the perspective of a Mountain Lodge owner helps us (and you) tremendously! You can read more about us here.

Interested in talking to us about rental management at Mountain Lodge? Feel free to email us at support@mountaintopcondos.com.

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