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New BBQ Restaurant in Snowshoe WV

Snowshoe WV BBQ

By on November 18, 2014

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Snowshoe WV BBQIn Snowshoe WV, fans of BBQ often have typically had to rely on their own culinary skills or attend special events in town to enjoy this tasty treat. However, now there is a new place to enjoy barbecue every day of the week without having to cook it on your own or waiting for the next big BBQ event!

Drew Grimes, Susan Gibson and Breck Gibson are business partners in the Pink Pig BBQ & Shrimp restaurant that has recently opened in Snowshoe, WV. This mobile barbecue stand is located at the base of the Showshoe Ski Resort (nex to the Inn at Snowshoe) in Pocahontas County. Drew is the specialist in barbecue, Susan cooks shrimp to perfection and Breck is the general manager and assists the others. Susan and Breck worked for several years in other restaurants before deciding to open their own place recently.

Breck says, “Susan worked for restaurants for a long time in Snowshoe. I also managed a number of eating establishments so Susan and I felt we were ready to bring our unique food to Snowshoe.”

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Susan prepares shrimp according to a southern recipe since she is originally from Cass. She says, “No need to count these shrimp, as they are large enough to cover the plate. I marinate the shrimp, batter them in a tasty mixture and deep-fry them. The recipe is from a woman I knew in New Orleans who is a magnificent cook. Thanks to her these shrimp are so tender.”

Pink Pig only uses traditional cooking methods to prepare barbecue. Breck says, “Three factors go into preparing barbecue and these include the rub, wood and sauces.” This restaurant uses real wood such as hickory or apple to give the meat its smoky flavor. It takes a minimum of 16 hours for the meat to smoke. The restaurant also has its own, unique rub to add additional flavor to the meat. At the Pink Pig, customers have their choice of different sauces to fit their taste better.

Drew honed his BBQ skills at the Hog Wild BBQ restaurant that is located in southern West Virginia. Drew Grimes says, “His recipe is not the same as this restaurant that he has put his own spin on it.” Susan says, “Our food is made with love!”

The shrimp or barbecue dinners at Pink Pig only cost $12 to $15 and include cole slaw and fries (NOTE: Use the coupon above to save $2 off of a BBQ dinner). Sandwiches, hot dogs, and nachos are also available at affordable prices. They also do catering.

“The Pink Pig BBQ & Shrimp restaurant in Snowshoe WV is licensed fully so we can work at all sorts of public or private events in West Virginian,” states Breck. Just call them at 304-799-6095 for additional information about their menu as well as their catering services.