Directions to Snowshoe West Virginia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The main address for Snowshoe, WV is 10 Snowshoe Drive Snowshoe, WV 26209. However, this address will only get you into the general area. Use your GPS device to navigate to the following coordinates as they will get you directly to Mountain Lodge: 38 degrees 24.625’ N- 79 degrees 59.625’ W. Assuming you are coming in from the bottom of the mountain, drive up to the top (6 miles). Go past the Silver Creek area, continue a bit further, and then you will approach the main village on the left.

Early and late check-ins/outs are impossible during the winter season. Many of our units are booked back-to-back and our hard-working cleaners need as much time as possible to prepare units. If you plan to arrive early in the morning on the day of your arrival, consider reserving your unit for the day prior if it is available. Otherwise, if you plan to ski and enjoy the mountain until your check in time, please understand that you will need to park in one of the general parking areas until your scheduled check in time.

Unfortunately, your reservation will not give you free access to any pools or hot tubs. There is a community indoor/outdoor pool with hot tubs near the Village, called Split Rock Pools. The entrance fee can be paid at the door (approx. $15 per person) and towels are provided.

Currently, we are not offering any discounts. If you join our email list, we sometimes send out discount coupon codes via e-mail if we have last minute rooms available.

To take advantage of discounts on Snowshoe WV ski rentals, simply visit and use coupon code MOUNTAINTOP CONDOS when making your reservation. Online reservations must be made 24 hours prior to arrival to qualify for the 15% discount.

If you have made a reservation via AirBnb or, information about your stay will be sent via the communication thread within those Apps. If you have made your reservation anywhere else (such as VRBO or, please check your e-mail. We send out lots of great information to our guests, so all of that helpful information will be sent to the email associated with your reservation. Specifically, our check-in information is sent a week before you arrive. If you don’t see anything from us in your inbox, check your spam folder as well.

The following supplies will be provided for your stay: paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, coffee filters, dishwasher detergent, and one small bar of soap. All sheets and towels will also be provided. Please note, however, that there is no daily maid service to replace towels, linens, etc. If during your stay, you need replacement towels/linens they will be available for an extra charge at the front desk.

No. Please plan on bringing your own, especially if you plan on doing a lot of cooking. Sometimes, these types of items will be left behind from previous renters, but we cannot guarantee that they will be available for you. When we try to provide them, sometimes renters will take them, and it becomes a battle that we cannot keep up with. Sorry!

Yes! All of the kitchens in our units are fully stocked with the basic essentials. Most of our units do have crock pots, but double check the listing of your unit as we indicate if there is a crock pot or not.

Double check the pictures of the unit that you booked. We purposely include a picture of the coffee pot that is in the unit. Most of our condos have the typical "Mr. Coffee" style 10 – 12 cup drip pot and some do have Keurig’s. Regular basket-style filters are provided. You can find the condo you are staying in by looking here:

If you have rented a unit at Mountain Lodge, you will receive your parking pass from the security guard at the entrance to Mountain Lodge’s parking lot. The number of parking passes that you receive are based on the number of bedrooms in your unit (i.e. 1BR units get one pass, 2BR units get two passes, 3BR units get three passes, etc.) If you have more vehicles than passes, the extra cars will need to be parked across the street in the general parking area or up at Top of the World. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you plan to arrive early and ski for the day, you will need to use one of these general parking lot areas and then move your vehicle to Mountain Lodge any time after 5:00 PM when you check in. Please do not contact us asking to get into the parking lot early, as we will not break the Mountain Lodge rules.

Yes! Compliments of CityNet. Network and passwords will be provided inside of your unit. Typically, the network is the unit # that you are staying in and the password is the unit phone number without dashes.

Cell service at Snowshoe can be a bit sketchy depending on your carrier. All of our units have old school land-line phones which can be used for free local and long-distance calls.

Security guards do keep a close eye on the building especially to monitor noise levels during quiet hours.  However, you will hear people coming and going from early morning or night skiing and typically they are wearing ski boots.  Since it is pretty hard to tip-toe in ski boots, you may want to bring a pair of earplugs along with you. Also, if your unit is slope-facing, there may be some noise from the groomers working their magic at night (Winter only). Again, you may want to bring a pair of ear plugs along with you if you are a light sleeper. Personally, I never travel without them!

Your best bet is to bring groceries with you from home. If that is not an option, here are a few grocery store options along the way that may work for you:

Coming from the South through Marlinton, WV on route 219, you will pass by an IGA. (about 45 minutes from Snowshoe)

Coming from the North through Elkins, WV, you can choose from Kroger or Wal-Mart. (about an hour from Snowshoe)

Coming from Washington DC/Baltimore area, there is a Shop n’ Save Express in Petersburg, WV. (about an hour and 50 minutes from Snowshoe)

There are no large grocery stores near Snowshoe. At the bottom of the mountain, there is a ParMar gas station connected to a SubWay that has some basic grocery supplies. There is also a small grocery store on top of the mountain called Wildcat Provisions. They have some basic items, but everything in there is very expensive.

Yes!!  This service was started during the pandemic and has been a popular option. The groceries would be coming from the Walmart store only in Elkins, WV. Please check out this link for more information: We have used this service several times and it has worked out great.

At this time, we do not have any condos that are pet-friendly.

During the past couple of seasons, Snowshoe has begun to limit their lift ticket sales and we have seen some weekends sell out. Your best bet is to reserve lift tickets prior to your stay via Snowshoe’s website: We cannot guarantee that lift tickets will be available when you arrive. And we will not offer refunds for lodging if you were not able to secure lift tickets.

There are no refunds for bookings canceled within 30 days of arrival.

Cancellations must be made by 11:59 pm in Snowshoe's (eastern) timezone on the chosen day to qualify for a refund. If you do qualify for a refund there is a $75 cancellation fee.

There are no refunds due to COVID-related issues. Please do not contact us at the last minute asking to reschedule as we are unable to accommodate.

 There are also no refunds if you are unable to secure lift tickets then ultimately try to cancel your reservation with us.

We strongly encourage our guests to purchase trip insurance. We send out information to all of our guests on how to purchase insurance several times prior to your stay. If you nervous about an illness, job loss, injury or any other covered event, purchasing insurance is your best bet. While we understand that situations do happen, we cannot make any exceptions to our cancellation policy, especially when we offer very affordable trip insurance. For more information on ski trip preserver insurance through RedSky, here is a link:

The older buildings in Snowshoe do not have central air conditioning. None of the units that we manage have central A/C. However, many of our condos do have portable A/C units for the living areas during the summer months only. Mountain Lodge tends to be a warm and cozy building even in the wintertime. The thermostat on the wall controls the baseboard heat in the living room only. If your unit is hot when you arrive, make sure the heat is turned off, open the sliding glass door and/or window and the main door out to the hallway. This will create a wind tunnel and your unit will cool down very quickly. Check the bedroom closets for box fans as most units have these available.

Silver Creek is a great option for beginning skiers, night skiing and a place to enjoy shorter lift lines. During the winter months, Snowshoe has shuttles with stops all through the Mountain and Village area that will take you to Silver Creek. There is no need to drive your car once you arrive at Snowshoe.

Please do not leave any personal belongings in our any of our condos. Take the time to double and triple check that you have packed everything. We cannot make any guarantees that items will be found by the staff and turned in. Nor do we or our housekeepers have time during ski season to mail items back to guests.

  1. No smoking inside any of our condos or common areas of the buildings. Fines will be assessed if our housekeepers detect an odor from smoking. No exceptions!!
  2. Bikes are not allowed inside any of our condos. Fines will be assessed if this rule is not followed. The staff at Mountain Lodge monitors bikes in the building like a hawk!
  3. You cannot exceed the number of guests allowed per unit. Meaning, if your unit sleeps 4, you cannot bring an air-mattress to squeeze one more person in.
  4. No pets.  No exceptions to this, not even for super small, well-behaved stuffed animal-sized pets.  Sorry!
  5. Shoes off - please remove your shoes and ski boots at the door.  Together we'll keep your home away from home nice and tidy!
  6. Please use the ski rack and hooks at the door.  Skis, poles, snowboards should not be stored anywhere else in the condo.
  7. Remember that the unit you have rented is privately owned.  We're glad to share it with you and hope you have a wonderful time in it.  We would appreciate it if you'd treat it with "kid gloves" so we can keep it in great shape for our other guests - and you! - in the future.