Cancellation Policy

Cancellation PolicyThere are no refunds for bookings canceled within 30 days of arrival. Cancellations must be made by 11:59 pm in the property’s timezone on the chosen day to qualify for a refund. If you do qualify for a refund there is a $75 cancelation fee.

There are no refunds due to COVID-related issues. Please do not contact us at the last minute asking to refund or reschedule as we are unable to accommodate. COVID is considered a foreseeable illness. There are also no refunds if you are unable to secure lift tickets then ultimately try to cancel your reservation with us.

If you booked your reservation anywhere except for Https://, please note that Mountaintop Condos cannot initiate a cancellation on your behalf. If you need to cancel a reservation, please make sure to initiate that cancellation via the channel that you used to book. For example, if you booked with us through Airbnb, you would need to contact them to cancel. The same goes for, Expedia, VRBO, HomeAway, etc. Contact numbers for those channels are listed below:

Airbnb: (855) 424-7262 (888) 850-3958
Expedia: (877) 227-7481
HomeAway: (877) 228-3145 (800) 807-6641
TripAdvisor: (781) 800-5000
VRBO: (877) 228-3145
If you are concerned about the weather, lack of snow, job uncertainty, illness, family emergency, etc., we highly suggest that you consider travel insurance.