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Buying Your First Snowboard

Buying Your First Snowboard
Make sure board is not too long

Ready to Snowboard, Huh?

Winter is on it’s way! Time to learn how to snowboard! But before you head to the mountain you need to buy a great beginner snowboard. Buying a snowboard for the first time can be a frustrating task. There are many different brands, types, sizes and price ranges to choose from. Here are some tips that will save you a headache, and make buying your first snowboard a much more enjoyable task.

Where to Start

Where you buy your snowboard is actually a big deal. You want to find a skate, or snowboard shop to buy your snowboard from. They’ll have a good selection of snowboards to choose from, and the brands you can trust. The big sporting goods stores will carry a lot of unknown brands, and the sales people will most likely not be knowledgeable.

What Size?

Not too short, and not too long. When buying a snowboard look for a board that comes about the middle of you neck. A lot of people will say your chin, but trust me, that is too long to learn on. The width of the snowboard for boot sizes 7 to 11 is pretty standard. If your feet are size 12 or above you need a wide board.

What Brand?

Buying Your First SnowboardBuying from a reliable band name is actually important. A good brand name will have a well-built snowboard, and a good warranty program. Some popular snowboard brands are Burton, Forum, Rome, Nitro, Ride, Rossignol, Salomon.

Type of Snowboard

There are many different types of snowboards. All-mountain, powder, park, and a variety of different cambers. Reverse camber is the latest craze, but I would stay clear of these for your first board. For your first snowboard, pick up an all mountain regular camber board. This is a good all round snowboard type, and the regular camber is good for controlling your speed, because the entire length of the snowboard is in contact with the snow.


Snowboard prices range from $300 to $1500. For your first snowboard I recommend something in the $300 range. You won’t feel the benefits of an expensive board yet, and since it’s your fist time snowboarding you’ll probably beat the thing up. A good trick to getting a cheap snowboard is to buy a board from the previous year. Snowboard shops usually have these boards for sale before they get they’re new stock in. (October/November)

Good luck buying your first snowboard! Hope these tips were helpful.

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