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Summer at Snowshoe WV

Summer Fun at Snowshoe West Virginia

By on May 1, 2017

Snowshoe WV Shavers LakeWith over 57 trails spanning 251 acres of well-tended ski terrain, Snowshoe West Virginia is well known as one of the finest snow skiing destinations east of the Mississippi. But, it also happens to be one of the best destinations for those seeking outdoor fun in the summer. There are plenty of activities available for the entire family at this mountain resort which is located in the middle of the Monongahela National Forest. The nearby Elk Spring Resort is a great place for fly fishing on the beautiful Elk River. There are lessons available for the beginner and a quality fly shop for the experienced fisher. There’s also the Elk River restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
With 11,000 acres of pristine wilderness, Snowshoe West Virginia is a great place to get some hiking and biking done while enjoying the majestic views all around the mountain. Trails range from easy to hard on the difficulty scale. If you’re a little tired from other activities, segway trails are also available. Geocache hunts allow hikers to sharpen their treasure hunting skills by using maps and GPS systems to find hidden caches spread around the vast hiking area of the resort.
snowshoe wv polarisPolaris RZR tours are available for off-road enthusiasts. The four seat UTV winds around the countryside for an hour and a half ride over all kinds of challenging terrain. If more adrenaline is desired, there are also zip line rides available.
Professionally-trained range masters are available to guide you through the fine art of shooting clays. The multi-stand courses wind through a beautiful wooded setting.
The kids will enjoy a fun day at Camp Wildcat where they can swim, rock climb, canoe, paddle boat and take part in other nature activities. Activities are available for ages 5 through 15.
Raven Golf CourseFor the golfer, the Raven Golf Course at Snowshoe West Virginia is a Gary Player Signature course that features rolling terrain with some changes in elevation that are measured in hundreds of feet from the teeing ground down to the fairway. The mountain setting is full of incredible scenic vistas. A very friendly pro shop, as the club’s staff will take that extra step to make your golfing experience at the course very memorable indeed. They offer a golf club bag storage area, a quick-service driving range and a well-maintained putting green. Even the food and beverage personnel go out of their way to ensure your meal goes without any problems. 



Snowshoe Brewery

Snowshoe WV Gets New Craft Brewery

By on January 7, 2020

The beautiful mountain community of Snowshoe WV was recently enhanced with the opening of Old Spruce Brewing – the very first Snowshoe WV Brewery! . The mastermind behind this new craft brewery is Lawrence Walkup, who had purchased six acres of land a couple of miles north with an eye towards opening this brewery.

It’s clear that all of the money and hard work that went into this venture has been well worth it. The brewery is one of West Virginia’s largest brewpubs with a capacity of 300. Patrons can be spread out amongst 10,000 square feet on two floors in addition to an impressive variety of patios, porches and decks.

It’s also artistically designed with wood and metal in a rustic manner. Several of its tables have been made from wooden cable spools while there’s also a beautiful communal table that was made from wormy chestnut. In addition, an impressive metal logo sign welcomes visitors to the brewery.

It has been a challenge to get to this point, however. For one thing, nearly everything costs more in this remote location. This includes supplies, increased transportation costs to transport those supplies, significant distances in many cases, and paying extra for skilled labor, which isn’t generally nearby either.

However, one factor that Walkup took advantage of was his experience in the Snowshoe area as he’s been a part of this community since 2006 and has operated Old Spruce Tavern for the past nine years. As a result, he knew what to expect as it relates to these challenges of being in the mountains and how to overcome them.

He was also helped by nearby brewing peers who had outgrown equipment that ultimately proved perfect for him. These pieces of equipment included a glycol chiller, grain mill and keg washer. Additionally, the financial ups and downs of a brewery in this type of seasonal destination will be no surprise to Walkup.

Those visiting the new Snowshoe WV brewery can expect a carefully selected variety of Old Spruce beer on the main floor while your choices will be more varied on the second floor; that’s where a whiskey bar is situated. Visitors also regularly take advantage of Old Spruce’s food offerings, which include tacos, sliders and appetizers.

In fact, April H. recently left a review for Old Spruce on Yelp that stated, “Also, really really good food. The brisket nachos were a true delight and the tacos were great.” That was in addition to her comments about Old Spruce’s “delicious brews,” which were “SOLID.”

Meanwhile, those who want to play games like corn hole, foosball and bocci ball can do so in a back area of the second floor. During warmer weather, plenty of seating is available outdoors as well. Additionally, Old Spruce regularly offers live music in its outdoor beer garden at this time of the year.

In fact, Walkup has also dedicated himself to help Snowshoe became a solid summer destination in addition to its already famous reputation as a winter mecca. Snowshoe being that summer destination too has become more and more apparent over the past several years as increasing numbers of people make their way here then.

For example, the International Mountain Bicycling Association recently designated the area as one of the nation’s best for mountain bikers. Additionally, festivals and sports events are generally held in Snowshoe every summer weekend. Walkup knows that hikers, bikers, golfers, skiers and festival lovers are demographically similar to craft beer lovers and plans to capitalize on that.

Walkup is also hoping that his Snowshoe WV brewery will attract some to the area who might not have otherwise come. Additionally, he knows that many of those from large metropolitan areas such as Washington are used to spending time in breweries in their local regions and wants to recreate that type of atmosphere at Old Spruce.

As far as the beer goes, Walkup is planning to offer five year-round and two on a seasonal basis. The primary reason for limiting this number is because he wants to ensure that he only offers high-quality brews. He’ll likely add more in the future, but that will only occur after careful consideration.

As an experienced brewer, he knows what’s good, he knows what his patrons will like, and, most importantly, he knows what he’s looking for. To help him with this brewing, experimenting and selection process, he hired Chris Eure, who has plenty of knowledge himself.

The five brews that he has made available throughout the year are a Red IPA, Hazy IPA, Blonde Ale, Porter and ESB. He’s expecting a Scottish Ale and a spruce tip beer that will include spruce tips that were cut on nearby Snowshoe Mountain to be his seasonal selections. Eure in particular is expecting to experiment with these IPA recipes to find tasty new blends.

Walkup added that he doesn’t plan to distribute any of his brews, so those who want to enjoy what he has on offer will need to come to Snowshoe to purchase his wares at either this brewery or at his nearby tavern. Those who do arrive, ready to try some of these brews, will be able to do so in growlers, flights and pints.

The Snowshoe WV brewery equipment itself takes up nearly two-thirds of the 4,000 square feet on the building’s main floor. Its focus is a five-barrel brew-house, which has the potential to produce double-batch brew days. The steam that’s necessary to complete the brewing process is produced by a boiler in a nearby room. After the brewing is completed, kegs are being kept in a cold room. Beers will not be canned or bottled.

Old Spruce Brewing opens every Thursday and Friday at 4 p.m. and every Saturday and Sunday at noon while it closes at 10 p.m. on each of those four days. Its telephone number is 304.572.0391 while those at Old Spruce can also be reached via its Facebook page. One of its recent posts there excitedly stated that “our first few months open have been beyond anything we could have hoped for.”

Snowshoe Elevation

Top 5 Snowshoe Webcam Views

By on November 3, 2019

Snowshoe MountainSnowshoe WV Winterfest is a peak in West Virginia that reaches over 4,800 feet. It is one of the snowiest locations in the mid-Atlantic. In fact, the peak receives more than 160 inches of snowfall per year. While the peak is popular ski destination, there are many other activities to choose from. There is a large ski village at the top of the mountain, and the summit features many picturesque views. There also are many webcams at the base and summit of the mountain. Here are five of the best views from a Snowshoe webcam:

1. Snowshoe Webcam of Village:

This Snowshoe webcam features a view of the Snowshoe WV village. Also, you can see a ski run in the background. There are windswept pines visible in the background. Viewing this webcam is a great way to determine how busy the slopes are and the weather conditions at the summit.

2. Shavers Lake Snowshoe Basin:Snowshoe Webcam

Shavers Lake is located near the base of Snowshoe Mountain. Viewing this webcam provides you with a good idea of weather conditions at the mountain’s base. Also, picturesque views of Shavers Lake are visible. You can also see the mountain’s slopes in the background. You can also see the beach on the other side of Shaver’s Lake.

3. Boathouse And Ballhooter Lift:

This Snowshoe webcam is also located near Shavers Lake. Also to being able to see the boathouse, this webcam is at the bottom of one of the mountain’s largest runs.  There also are picturesque mountain views on the other side of the lake. THis is an excellent webcam view to see how busy the Ballhooter lift is (one of the busiest spots on the mountain).

4. Silver Creek Webcam:

Silver Creek was once a ski resort of its own. Yet, it was recently bought by Snowshoe. Viewing this webcam is a great way to see weather and snow conditions on the Silver Creek section of the mountain. This camera also features picturesque mountain views and views of the ski slopes.

5. Jim’s Mountain Lodge 322:Snowshoe Webcam

This webcam is positioned inside Mountain Lodge 322, which is located at a very active part of the mountain. Viewing this webcam is a great way to determine if the slopes and Ballhooter lift are busy. Also, it’s a great way to observe weather conditions in Snowshoe WV.
Snowshoe Elevation

Snowshoe Mountain – A West Virginia Gem!

By on November 1, 2019

Snowshoe MountainSnowshoe Mountain is a ski resort located in Snowshoe West Virginia. The resort is situated on Cheat Mountain in the Pocahontas County. There are many commercial areas in Snowshoe but the most well-known is The Village at Snowshoe. The area is a part of the Appalachian Mountain Range and covers over 11,000 acres in the Allegheny Mountains. The property includes several resort areas and extensive back-country.

Snowshoe Mountain West Virginia is home to the second highest point in the state, which is 4,848 feet (1,478 m) above sea level. The resort is best known for skiing and other winter activities, but they offer a variety of activities throughout the year. Almost half a million visitors flock to the area each year to take advantage of the great skiing and outdoor activities. The resort also offers a host of other recreational opportunities, including mountain biking, golfing, horseback riding, and fishing. They also host weddings and conventions, as well as a Grand National Cross-Country Racing event each year.

The location of the resort and surrounding areas were used primarily for logging before the resort was built. Snowshoe Mountain opened for business on December 13, 1974, with skiing as the only recreational activity. Mountain bike and horseback riding trails were added years later. The man who built the resort, Dr. Thomas Brigham, also developed the Sugar Mountain and Beech Mountain ski areas. Dr. Brigham named the ski trails and lifts for the area’s logging history. Grab Hammer, Ball Hooter, Shay’s Revenge and Heisler Way, just to name a few. Snowshoe Mountain

The resort had a shaky start but eventually gained popularity and became well known. The resort was sold to a Japanese developer in 1990 and changed ownership again in 1995 when it was acquired by Intrawest, a Canadian ski-resort operator. This company expanded the resort area by developing commercial and condominium real estate. The resort is now owned by the Alterra Mountain Company, who acquired Intrawest in 2017.

Snowshoe Mountain offers a wide range of activities and options for lodging, dining and shopping. The village is located at the top of the mountain instead of the bottom. The resort offers all the conveniences of home and then some. A grocery store, post office, worship center, and medical facilities are available for use. There’s a world-class spa that offers a variety of treatments and a full-service salon. There is a ski and snowboard school that offers private and group lessons. The village streets are lined with restaurants and shops. Handmade items crafted by West Virginians are available for purchase at a local market.

Snowshoe MountainSnowshoe Mountain – Year Round Beauty!

Snowshoe Mountain is ideal for visitors year-round because of the mild temperatures and array of available activities for every season. It’s a nature lover’s paradise that allows visitors to appreciate the beauty of nature throughout the year. The resort is also a wedding destination and location of great events like a wine and jazz festival. A very interesting attraction about 30 minutes away from Snowshoe WV is the Green Bank Observatory. This observatory houses the largest steerable telescope in the world. Guided tours provide an up-close look at telescopes and a science center. Another nearby attraction is the Cass Scenic Railroad Park. A visit to this park will take you back in time to a heritage railroad and company town. A steam-driven locomotive runs through the park on a path that spans about 11 miles. Shuttle buses are available for transport from Snowshoe WV to these and other attractions.

Snowshoe MountainTons of Snow in West Virginia!

Snowshoe Mountain started as a ski resort and skiing is still the main activity enjoyed by most visitors. The mountain gets about 180 inches of fluffy snowfall in the winter. There are a total of 60 slopes and trails to choose from. One of their trails has the highest vertical drop in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. This trail’s design was partially created by Jean-Claude Killy, the triple gold medalist at the 1968 Winter Olympics. Other activities at the resort during winter months include snowboarding, snow-shoeing, snow-tubing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. Venturing out from the resort into the back country is always an adventure. Snowmobile tours will take you through the back country and acres of untouched snow-filled forests. The tour lasts about an hour and can be taken at night for an extra thrill.

A Four-Season Resort

The spring, fall, and summer seasons in Snowshoe West Virginia are all filled with many types of outdoor recreation. A popular spot for children and adults is the beautiful Shaver’s Lake. Paddle boats, canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards are available at the lake. Paddle board clinics and guided hikes are offered for visitors as well. Hiking trails are all around the lake and basin. Off-road adventures are available for those that want to venture out into the woods of the back country. This tour will take you through different types of terrain and winding trails. Off-road vehicles will navigate the rougher paths smoothly and allow some great mountain scenery. Large segments of the entire property will be visible from various vantage points. Guided tours usually last about an hour and a half.Snowshoe Mountain

The Woods Escape Room at Snowshoe Mountain

Another outdoor adventure is an adult game called “The Woods Escape Room.” This is a fun and challenging game where you must solve a puzzle that’s staged in a hut out in the woods. It’s set up as a survival game for hunters of any and everything to be found in the woods, including monsters. Clues are placed throughout the hut and a code that will signify your mastery of the game. The drive out is like the off-road experience. The tour includes driving through different areas of the mountain with very scenic views. Upon arrival to the hut you will be served lunch and refreshments.

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Top 10 Things to do in Pocahontas County WV

By on October 24, 2019

If you are looking for a place to vacation that offers beautiful scenery and fun activities for children and adults alike, look no further than Pocahontas County WV. There are a wide range of things to see and do during your visit to this wonderful West Virginia. Let’s take a look at the top 10:

Top Ten Things To Do In Pocahontas County WV

Cranberry Glades Pocahontas County
Cranberry Glades

1. Cranberry Glades Botanical Area – The Cranberry Glades are known for being West Virginia’s largest area of bogs, also known as acidic wetlands. This incredibly unique ecosystem spans a vast 750 acres. In 1965, the United States Forest Service established this area in an effort to protect more than 60 species of plants.

2. Droop Mountain Battlefield – Pocahontas County’s southern region is occupied by Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park. This is where the last major Civil War battle in West Virginia was fought. The state bought the battlefield site in 1928, dedicating it as a memorial to those who lost their lives in the battle. Even those people who are not Civil War buffs will be able to appreciate the immense beauty of this location.

Cass Railroad3. Cass Scenic Railroad State Park – In the historic town of Cass, WV, you will find this park that takes its visitors back to a period in time when steam locomotives dominated transportation. The park offers people a chance to experience unforgettable train rides that travel through large areas of mountain wilderness. Spruce, Bald Knob and Whittaker Station are the three destinations offered by the Cass Scenic Railroad.

4. Snowshoe Mountain – Located in Snowshoe WV, Snowshoe Mountain is a Pocahontas County WV resort located at the top of Cheat Mountain. In consists of 11,000 acres of pristine mountain wilderness. If you love to go mountain biking, you will be in paradise. There are marked trails that go for more than 100 miles. If you plan on bringing your entire family, you can visit Split Rock Pools, which is an indoor/outdoor pool area. There is also a spa available at the resort.

5. Highland Scenic Highway – This is a lovely highway that takes travelers through the Monongahela National Forest. You will be able to see over a massive expanse of hardwood forests. It is West Virginia’s highest major roadway, extending from Richwood to U.S. Route 219, for a total of 43 miles.

6. Beartown State Park – On Droop Mountain’s eastern summit, you will find this lovely 107-acre area. Visitors will marvel at strange rock formations, overhanging cliffs and enormous boulders, which are made up of Pottsville Sandstone dating all the way back to the Pennsylvanian Age.

7. Watoga State Park – Located 14 miles south of Marlinton, this is West Virginia’s largest state park, totaling more than 10,000 acres. The park offers the best camping in the state, with 10 modern cabins equipped with air conditioning and heat. There are also a large number of campsites with electrical hookups. An 11-acre lake can be used for fishing, row-boating or paddle-boating.

Pocahontas County WV8. Green Bank Telescope – This is the largest fully steerable telescope on the planet. It weighs 17 million pounds and stands 485 feet tall. The reflecting surface measures an astonishing 2.3 acres. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory has a total of 11 telescopes on display for visitors to look at. it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Pocahontas County WV.

9. Falls of Hills Creek – Located in the Monongahela National Forest, this area encompasses 114 acres. Visitors will enjoy three waterfalls and one of the cleanest streams in the state. There is a boardwalk with a length of 1,700 feet that you can use to get some amazing photos of the first waterfall. Wildflower lovers will find more than 40 species. These are in bloom from the spring through the beginning of summer.

10. Monongahela National Forest – This forest consists of 900,000 acres. There are trails extending for literally hundreds of miles within the forest. Visitor centers, picnic areas and campgrounds are located throughout the forest. There are also many places to go fishing, mountain biking and hiking.


Fall Fun in Snowshoe WV

By on October 20, 2019

Snowshoe-WV-Autumn-ColorsSnowshoe Mountain, in Snowshoe WV, may best be known across the country for being a premier winter wonderland – offering skiing and snowboarding as major activities during that season. The winter operations typically run from late November to mid-March. From May through September, the game changes at Snowshoe Mountain. Visitors can indulge in hiking trails of varying difficulty, river sports, golfing, rock climbing, mountain biking, or ‘beach bumming’ at Shavers Lake, which is at the base of Snowshoe Mountain. If one considers September and/or Labor Day weekend to usher in Autumn, then there is still a variety of fall fun in Snowshoe, West Virginia.

Lodging at Snowshoe Mountain is largely condominium in style.  For dining pleasure, the Waffle Cabin, Foxfire Grill, Cheat Mountain Pizza Company, and even Starbucks are open for business winter through summer and are all highly rated.

Snowshoe WV Freefall FestivalThe last weekend in September, Snowshoe hosted its second annual FreeFall Festival. A good-bye of sorts to the summer. Entertainment included concerts by regional performers, food, games and mountain bike competitions. During October and much of November, Snowshoe Mountain becomes a quiet respite for the most part, as staff prepare for the onset of the winter ski and snowboard season. Information concerning Snowshoe Mountain and the varied amenities offered can be found on line.

Snowshoe WV is situated in Pocahontas County with an estimated population of 2800 residents. Its setting is the Allegheny Mountains. Fall foliage is said to be quite pronounced during September and much of October. Fall fun beyond Snowshoe Mountain includes farmers markets, concert performances by regional performers to include the Braya Brass Band and singer Kim Kalman. Additionally, in early October is the Huntersville Tradition Days. This 2-day event commemorates an earlier time in Appalatian culture. A walking tour – or the same by horse-and-buggy offers one opportunity to view apple butter being made, wool spun, pony rides, and even help make sorghaum. One can find a calendar of events throughout the year by visiting the Pocahontas County web site. The county is also home to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, which hosts scheduled public tours and programs.

Fall fun in Snowshoe WV can be a perfect get-away for one needing a break from the mundane and/or stresses of daily life!

Cass Railroad

Cass Scenic Railroad – A West Virginia Treasure

By on July 4, 2019

Cass Scenic Railroad

Cass, West Virginia is a quaint little town that is only a ten minute drive from Snowshoe WV. Although this region is best known for it’s winter time skiing, the warmer months have much to offer the visiting tourist. Originally a logging company town for the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company, Cass has managed to preserve the look and feel of an old time neighborhood. Visiting Cass Scenic Railroad is like stepping back in time.
The old company houses have been restored, and they can be rented out as vacation cottages. While staying in town, guests can tour the train depot and museum to better understand this town’s historical charm. The Company Store is a great place to find unique gifts and crafts as well as souvenir items.
The hot spot for dining in Cass Scenic Railroad is The Last Run Restaurant. Housed in one of the town’s oldest buildings, diners have an excellent view of the Greenbrier River and the railroad tracks. The big windows not only offer amazing views, but they let in plenty of natural light. Down home favorites are served with a large variety of desserts and ice cream to finish with.

The main attraction in this cozy little town is Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. Here one can ride a steam-driven locomotive through some of the area’s most beautiful countryside. Located in the West Virginia mountains, this historical trip lets passengers get an up-close view of the wilderness.

Cass Scenic Railroad

Built in 1901, this is the same railroad route used to haul lumber long ago. In fact, the trains themselves are original. The flat bed logging cars have been refurbished into passenger cars for the Cass Scenic Railroad ride. The highlight of the trip is a stop at Bald Knob. Dress warm. This is West Virginia’s highest point at an altitude of 4,700 feet.
For those who want to venture just outside of Cass Scenic Railroad, there are many more attractions waiting. Five miles away is Snowshoe Mountain Resort. During the winter months guests will discover the best skiing and snowboarding in the area. Promoted as a four seasons’ resort, summer time brings opportunities to golf, zip-line, archery, or go mountain biking. There is also the Handley Wildlife Management Area that has both tent and trailer camping with plenty of fishing and boating on their lake. No matter what your interests, you’ll find plenty for everyone to enjoy.
4848 Festival

4848 Festival – Snowshoe Mountain Resort 2019

By on July 4, 2019

The first annual 4848 Festival will be held at Snowshoe Mountain in Snowshoe, West Virginia on July 11-13, 2019. The lineup for this event includes Greensky Bluegrass with Umphrey’s McGee and The Infamous Stringdusters. Other artists include Billy Strings, Fruition, Lettuce, The Marcus King Band, Railroad Earth, and Turkuaz.

4848 Festival
4848 Festival will feature 30 hours of live music

Snowshoe Mountain spreads across 11,000 acres in the Appalachian Mountains. It’s the second highest mountain in West Virginia. It’s also home to Snowshoe Ski Resort, which is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Mid-Atlantic. But it’s not just for winter activities. 

Snowshoe WV is also the perfect place for summer music festivals. The 4848 Festival provides a unique experience where you’ll receive everything that a music festival has to offer within a mountainside ski resort. You can take a drive through the mountains and stay at the campsite. Or, you can go on a daring high-flying adventure through the mountains. 

Snowshoe Village

Other memorable activities include listening to over 30 hours of live music, authentic food and craft vendors, Split Rock Pools, Festival Express Shuttles, scenic-lift rides, and a zip line through the main village. You can also take part in the many water activities along Shavers Lake on canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats.

Traveling to the 4848 Festival

Snowshoe WV is located in a pristine, yet secluded area. You’ll feel as if you transported away from it all. You may not want to rely on your smartphone and mobile devices the moment you come here. The best way to travel to Snowshoe WV is by the scenic back roads. Do some pre-planning and bring travel guides and maps. You can click here for directions. You can always go to the 4848 Festival website to get maps and directions.

Camping at the Festival

There are different types of camping for everyone. No matter which experience you choose, all you need is a tent. The Base-Camp Host can be found at the Boat House. This allows you to enjoy the wonders of West Virginia with access to water activities on Shavers Lake. You can enjoy the views of the lake and the mountains while taking in the sounds of the 4848 Festival.

4848 Festival

You also have the option to camp by the lakeside or the mountainside. Guests have the option to choose their own campsite and to camp with their friends and family members. Group camping is encouraged here. Each camp provides guests with access to flush-able toilets, potable water, and $5 showers.  The Boat House serves food and drink and the food vendors at the 4848 Festival provide a wide variety of food and drink options. You can also enjoy camping away from home in a RV at Silver Creek. 

snowshoe mountain biking

Snowshoe Mountain Biking – Fun For All Ages

By on July 2, 2019

Snowshoe Mountain BikingSummer is in the air at Snowshoe Mountain, and that means miles of Snowshoe mountain biking trails to explore! With almost 40 mountain biking trails and 1,500 FT. of vertical descents, there are miles of beautiful, scenic, and challenging trails to explore. And if you’re not a pro, don’t worry – our trails cater to all ages and abilities, so you’ll always have a chance to challenge yourself or take it easy if you’re just learning to ride a mountain bike. Our premier bike park opens for the 2019 season on May 23, and we look forward to seeing you there!

If you’ve never visited Snowshoe Mountain before, now’s the perfect time to stop by. Snowshoe Mountain is located in Snowshoe WV, which resides in stunning Pocahontas County. The mountain is a ski resort in the winter time, but it changes to a mountain bike park from late spring through early fall. This means year-round outdoors fun for the entire family, and it makes the mountain a popular destination in all seasons. Snowshoe Mountain BikingA unique feature of our award-winning bike park, which is ranked one of the top bike parks on the East Coast and nationwide, is that it caters to, and welcomes, riders of all abilities.

Upon arriving, you’ll notice ski lifts that take you up both sides of the mountain. The steeper side of the mountain is called Western Territory. This area is a playground for expert and advanced mountain bikers. Harrowing descents, hairpin turns, and obstacle-laden trails are what you’ll find on this challenging side of the mountain. Some features are natural, but you’ll also find a number of man-made obstacles too, like challenging rock gardens and jumps. In fact, there’s even a separate trail, called Skyline, that’s packed with jumps. Skyline is a popular trail for intermediate riders and those wanting to do stunts, as it offers more gradual descents and lets riders practice getting air. Drops and gap jumps appear on some of our most technically challenging trails, such as Hareball Snowshoe Mountain Bikingand Pro DH. Be forewarned that these trails aren’t for the faint at heart! While the pros can go to town on the western slopes, the other side of the mountain is much more laid-back and beginner-friendly. If you’re new to Snowshoe mountain biking or if you’re bringing the family biking for the day, this side is a great place to start. This side is called the Basin Territory, and you can get there via the Ballhooter Lift. Although many of the Basin’s trails are beginner-friendly, there are some intermediate trails with more challenging terrain too, which makes it a perfect place to advance your Snowshoe mountain biking skills. Gentle slopes, easy grades, and fun flow trails, including the ever-popular Dreamweaver, are what riders will find on this side of the mountain.

If you think that Snowshoe mountain biking sounds fun, but you don’t have a bike of your own gear, worry not! We have plenty of mountain bikes for you to choose from, which you will find at the Mountain Adventure Center. We carry a number of Specialized bikes for riders of all ages and ability levels, which ensures a good fit for all. When you stop by the center, you’ll have a choice of downhill, freeride, and cross country bikes to choose from. Downhill bikes have a full suspension system for comfortable riding. They have a lower center of gravity than other types of mountain bikes, which makes them easier to steer. They’re also easier to control at higher speeds. Downhill bikes are quite durable too, snowshoe mountain bikingwhich means they can withstand rougher play. While downhill bikes are good for maintaining control going down steep slopes, freeride bikes are better for tackling obstacles on the trail, like going over jumps, rocks, and roots. They’re comparatively lighter and more agile than downhill bikes, which makes them a better choice for handling technical terrain. Many freeride bikes have shorter wheelbases than downhill bikes, which makes them easier to steer on more technical parts of trails. Cross Country bikes are another option for mountain bikes to rent. They’re made for cross country trails, which contain a combination of forested trails and smooth dirt trails. If you’re into road riding too, you can think of Cross Country bikes as the “cyclocross” equivalent of the mountain bike world. Cross Country bikes are some of the lightest weight bikes in the mountain bike family. Most have fork suspension systems, and some have rear suspension systems too. Ask about any of these bikes at our rental center, as well as options for children. Along with bicycles, we rent out protective equipment including full face helmets, protective pads for knees, shins, and elbows, and protective body suits. For convenience, you can call or go online to ask about our bikes and gear and reserve whatever bikes and equipment you need.

snowshoe mountain bikingAlong with rentals, we also offer mountain biking lessons and tours. Snowshoe mountain biking lessons range from teaching the basics to beginning mountain bikers to working one-on-one with advanced riders to develop new skills and techniques. One of the most popular classes for novice riders is Mountain Biking 101, which teaches riders the skills they need to ride through the park’s trails with confidence and ease. In addition to lessons, we offer mountain bike tours, which are popular with families, couples, and those wanting to check out the mountain’s most beautiful and scenic trails at a relaxed pace.

After a long day of skiing or riding, you’d be missing out without taking a lift up to the spectacular Snowshoe Mountain Village, where you can enjoy the other amenities that Snowshoe Mountain has to offer. Restaurants, hot tubs, bars, and shopping stores are some highlights of the village. At the end of the day, stop in to the resort’s spa for a luxury treatment like a facial or well-deserved hot stone massage. Get a delicious meal at the family-friendly Foxfire Grille, or head to the beautiful Raven Grille for an elegant dinner and drinks. Then, head on over to your own trail-side condo. For lodging, check out trail-side accommodations from Mountaintop Condos. Lockers available for rent (limited quantity).

Green Bank Telescope

Green Bank Telescope – NRAO

By on July 1, 2019

Green Bank Telescope

Less than 16 miles and 25 minutes away from Snowshoe WV lies the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank. Hosting a staggering 40,000 visitors each year, the NRAO in Green Bank is host to the largest maneuverable astronomical telescope in the world, the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope. With guided bus tours of the telescopes, a StarLab planetarium, and hands-on activities, the NRAO in Green Bank, WV is an astronomical adventure for guests of all ages.

What is Radio Astronomy?
In order to properly appreciate your visit to the NRAO, you must first have a proper handle on what you are visiting. Radio Astronomy is a branch of astronomy that deals with radio frequencies emitted from celestial objects. The first detection of radio waves from a celestial body was in the 1930s by Karl Jansky. Since that time, many various sources of astronomical radio waves have been discovered including stars, quasars, galaxies, and many more.

What makes Green Bank special?
The National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia features the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope, the largest maneuverable radio telescope in the world. At 485 feet (148 meters) tall and 17 million pounds (7.7 million kilograms), the GBT is the largest moving object on land. Despite its sizable mass, over the course of a year, it is able to see 85% of the celestial sphere. The GBT receives signals in the staggering range of 3 millimeters (1/8 inch) to 3 meters (9 feet) in wave-length. The Observatory is also used for training for both students and teachers, various public outreach and educational programs, and assorted other scientific research.

So why should you visit?
Green Bank TelescopeFeaturing a science center, tours, gift shop, cafe and special events, the NRAO is scientific fun for the whole family. Begin your visit to the NRAO at the Green Bank Science Center where you experience fascinating science demonstrations; you then head to the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope where your personal tour guide leads you on an up-close and personal view of the world’s largest maneuverable telescope. Following the tour, participate in kid-friendly, interactive exhibits and discover the displays of the exhibit hall. Make your way to the Galaxy Gift Shop where you can find various astronomical souvenirs and gifts to remember your extraordinary experience. Finally, end your visit in the Starlight Cafe where you can feast on assorted fare from deli sandwiches to soft-serve ice cream. If you’re looking for something truly special, participate in one of the many special events hosted throughout the year.

When should you visit?
Summer – Every day from 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Fall – Thursday through Monday 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Winter and Spring – Thursday through Monday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

How much does it cost?
Tour fees are $6 for adults, $5 for seniors, children age 7 to 12 are $3.50, and children age 6 and under are free. There is no charge, however, for exploring the exhibit hall.

Do you have questions? Would you like to schedule a group tour?
Call (304) 456-2150 or visit the Green Bank Science Center on Facebook