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About Us Wow, thanks for actually checking us out! We have been managing our own Mountain Lodge condo since 2006. We have enjoyed successful rental seasons every year (knock on wood), and recently decided to start helping other Mountain Lodge owners with their rentals/condos as well. About Us - We first came to Snowshoe, WV in 2000 and absolutely fell in love with the place! At the time, we had only visited smaller ski resorts in and around the Wash DC/VA/MD area. We were blown away with Snowshoe! The trip quickly became an annual event, staying at places like Silver Creek, Highland House, Top of the World, etc. We always had a blast and the trip was something that we looked forward to every year. During one of our visits to the area, we started adding up how much we had spent over the years on lodging expenses. We had always booked our trips through Snowshoe Reservations, and were shocked at how much it added up to be. We knew that we wanted to continue coming to Snowshoe, but something had to change with the amount we were spending on lodging. Long story short, we checked out a ton of places in and around the Village and then ultimately purchased a 1BR/1BA condo in Mountain Lodge. Looking back, we are so glad that we made this decision. We have found Mountain Lodge to be the perfect place to own and manage a place of our own. The staff is friendly, courteous, and really does take care of our place (and everyone else's, for that matter) like it was their own! Mountaintop Condos Making the decision to manage our property privately (as opposed to letting Snowshoe manage it for us) was a huge leap. We had never taken on anything similar to this before. However, over the years we have learned a lot and have become very comfortable with the entire process of renting our property to others - and doing it all ourselves! As a result, the condo grosses far more $$ than it would if we were having to pay someone else to manage it for us. That makes us pretty darn happy!!Mountaintop Condos